We can't wait for 2023's Black Friday bonanza - it's gonna be EPIC at GTT! Score massive discounts on your fave styles - so pop them on your wishlist RIGHT NOW. Impatient for the month's end? Peep our sale collection for sweet deals! 

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday FAQ


When do GTT's Black Friday deals start?

We always aim to start our deals ASAP! Which means they're probably going to start at midnight...so you'll need to keep an eye on our site!


How will I know when the sale starts?

If you wanna be the FIRST to know when we launch our Black Friday sales - you HAVE to be subscribed to our emails! As soon as we launch the sales you will get a notification straight to your inbox! Don't miss a thing!



What all is included in the Black Friday deals?

We don't do deals often - but when we do you don't want to miss them! Usually we'll offer discounts on everything, excluding New Arrivals. But you're just going to have to wait and see...👀 


Can I save items in advance of Black Friday?

We can't reserve items for you, but if you want to keep track of styles that you're interested in add them to your wishlist! You'll need to log into your account first to make sure they save. You can view your wishlist here: 

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Will the GTT boutique have Black Friday sales?

Yes! You can avail of our deals in store on Black Friday too! For more information about our boutique:

The Boutique