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Posted by Kayleigh on 11th Jul 2022

You've Saved The Date? We're Saving Your Latest Fashion Emergency!

It seems at the minute that we're bust every weekend. From hen parties, to the long awaited catch ups with the girls, but one of the major things that have been keeping us busy has been weddings. And I'm sure you agree that it can be stressful. We're well aware of the stress that can come with finding the perfect outfit for a wedding (almost every day a member of the GTT Team has been conducting polls around the office to help us choose what to wear for our next occasion) and a big part of this is knowing what other guests will be wearing. What we've noticed so far is that you really can't call it. While some guests have been waiting way to long to get dressed up again and will take any opportunity to put on their best heels and a statement dress, while others have noticed a newfound love of loungewear and prefer to go for a more relaxed, casual style. And honestly? We can see the benefits of both options! So why don't we make things a little easier with a rundown of trends to expect this year?

Firstly, there's very little that can come between the GTT Team and a satin slip dress. We've been keeping our ear to the ground and have heard rumours that 90's fashion will be making a comeback in the next few months (pumping my fists and googling Jennifer Anniston outfit inspo as we speak) , and slip dresses just so happen to be a major part of this. But why exactly is this style so popular? 

The lightweight satin fabric just so happens to create a flattering silhouette by following the natural shape of the body for the perfectly understated, relaxed look that will give you plenty of space for a good old statement shoe, which we've found to be another trend this year. 

While most people cringe at the thought of a satin dress, the slip style hangs from the shoulders and skims over the tummy and hips, rather than hugging your curves. 

This is set to be more of a summer trend, we also love it during the Autumn and Winter layered under a lightweight knit jumper or a blazer, to add a more formal, masculine feel.


Controversial, but we were overjoyed to hear about the return of mini dresses in 2021, and this trend hasn't gone anywhere just yet! 

This style has been hailed as the ultimate win if you're looking to elongate your legs, and is also the perfect option for someone that's looking for a style that's a little bit more relaxed. It's so easy to add a little bit of interest here with some on-trend cut outs or mesh detail if you're looking to keep it a little bit more conservative, or an exaggerated sleeve to draw the eye upwards and towards the neck and face. 

It's also super easy to balance out a shorter hemline with a long sleeve if you're looking for something a little bit more dressy but aren't quite a midi dress kinda girl!

 The subtle cut out detail of this mini dress from Ivy Lane adds a more mature feel to the style that we love!


If you haven't heard us talking about the next trend, then where have you been girl? It's been no secret that pops of colour have been a huge trend this year, both in casual wear and in occasion wear! 

As much as we love our pastels, we've been toying with the idea of letting them go in favour of the bolder jewel tones that we've been seeing dominating the runways (and our pinterest boards) in the past few months! This has been a result of people everywhere looking to take more risks with their fashion and personal style after so many months in lockdown. And honestly? We love to see it! Want to know more about this? You can read all about dopamine dressing here, as we don't see this trend going away any time soon!

While we've been seeing plenty of orange, green, and red tones, the colour of the year just so happens to be pink (just in case you couldn't tell by looking at the other styles chosen for this blog!). A deep cerise pink to be specific! For the past few months we've had out suspicions that this colour would go on to be one of the most popular shades of the year, and after Valentino's fuchsia inspired AW22 collection, it's obvious: Pink is officially having a moment! 

We're not sure if this is a result of the return of Y2K fashion in the past year, or the "Barbie-Core" trend that we've seen everyone from Hailey Bieber, to the Kardashians, to Florence Pugh taking part in. But one thing's for sure, cerise pink is only set to grow in popularity in the next few months!


One trend that defined 2021 was cottage-core and we've seen so many elements of it that decided to stick around for 2022! From milkmaid necklines, to vintage inspired florals, to the tiered skirt. 

Tiered skirts in particular have been a defining aspect of so many style that we've loved this year, and automatically adds a fluttery, romantic feel to our occasion wear that we can't help but love!

Not only is it sweet and feminine, but it also just so happens to be super flattering. This skirt detail adds a little bit of volume to the bottom of the body for a slimming effect on the legs. It also just so happens to be a great way of balancing out our beloved puff sleeves to create a natural hourglass silhouette that isn't too overpowering. 

If you have your heart set on a midi dress, a breezy tiered skirt is a great way to add a more casual feel that would be ideal for evening invites or casual summer weddings as it can be dressy and chic without feeling too over the top!


Finally, another huge trend this year has been the more intricate details. 

As we predicted at the start of the year, pearls are still having a major moment, from pearl jewellery, to hairbands,  to pearl buttons or embellishments. This adds a real vintage feel reminiscent of the 1920's, however the focus has now moved from the perfect circular pearls that we've seen in the past, and is now more about unique cuts and colours to really show off that element of individuality and a modern, 2022 twist!

Another trend that really focuses on the attention to detail has been embroidery to add a romantic feel to the most simple dresses and bring a more high quality, luxe feel to your occasion wear.

While we mostly associate the current preppy trend with more casual wear, such as blazers, tennis skirts, sweatshirts, and collars, this trend is starting to show itself in occasion dresses through embroidery, which just so happens to be a defining factor of a lot of brands that cater to the preppy aesthetic. 

In addition to the on-trend, high quality feel that embroidery adds, it also brings through a splash of colour and an element of interest and originality to wedding guest dresses that we can't help but love!


Not ready to say "I do" to any of these styles? Fear not! You can find loads more styles here!


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