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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Jul 2022

Your Official Guide to Bra-Friendly Summer Styles

We're right in the midst of a rare, yet very well deserved, heatwave. And with this, we've remembered one of the greatest struggles that comes with dressing in the summer. Ladies, we're talking about bras! So many dresses and tops that we love to wear in the warmer days feature low cut necklines, lower cut backs, and thin straps that leave us unsure of what bra to wear with them. And if you're simply not a strapless bra kind of gal, it can be so difficult to get it right! Good thing we've been manifesting this heatwave and are armed with loads of bra-friendly summer styles, right?

The lightweight material and bright abstract print of this midi dress from Ivy Lane make this style a must have when it comes to our summer dressing, but the best part just so happens to be those thick straps to ensure that those pesky "Your bra strap's showing" comments officially come to an end, while also leaving the shoulders exposed to make for total comfort in the warmer weather!


Did you really think we would miss a chance to rave about wrap dresses? This style is practically designed with comfort in mind, and has proved itself time and time again! Not only can you tighten and loosen the waistline for total comfort, but the looser material around the neckline allows you to pin it if you feel that the neckline is just that little bit too low, which is a must have when it comes to styles like this one from Ivy Lane that will naturally lift the bust!


One of the struggles with a v neck is that they can often feel too revealing, while a round neck provides that little bit more support, but can have a less flattering effect on the bust. We think we may have found the answer: I present to you, milkmaid necklines! This creates the illusion of curves while offering more support and coverage than a v neck. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!                               


Not a dress kind of girl? We've made no secret of the fact that we love a good old jumpsuit, and this green pleated style just so happens to be one of our favourites! From the slimming wide leg, to the waist defining belt, there's so much to love! But the real talking point just so happens to be that wrap style back! While showing off a little bit of your tan, it also offers enough coverage to conceal that not-so-cute bra band!



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