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Posted by Kayleigh on 29th Sep 2021

Winter Is Coming! Our Essentials To Get You Through The Next Few Months

I know I’ve been saying this for weeks, but really seems like this week we’re officially seeing the start of Autumn. If I had a euro for every time I’ve heard the phrase “It’s so cold! Is anyone else cold? I’m freezing” in the office this week I would have enough to fund my constantly expanding Autumn Winter wardrobe. The aesthetics of fashion have officially gone out the window and it’s all about wearing our thickest, most comfortable clothes (I’m currently writing this wearing a teal fleece zip up that definitely doesn’t go with my wine mini dress), but whoever said you can’t do both? Here are some of the essentials that we know will get us through the next few months, while also living out our wildest cosy yet cute Autumn aesthetic dreams!

This might surprise you but the GTT Girls love a good scarf, anything that can add to our outfit while also keeping our body temperature as high as possible is a plus in our books! I may or may not have already grabbed this blanket scarf before any of my co-workers could get their hands on it! This is the ultimate statement piece when it comes to Autumn/Winter, and is bang on trend this year meaning it’s both chic and comfortable. You can pair these scarves with simple Autumn outfits like jeans and a t-shirt and still look fashion forward as the statement scarf adds an element of interest to the outfit. And the best thing? The neutral tone means that this scarf will pair well with just about any outfit, even those containing an on-trend splash of colour.


A cardigan is another favourite and when it comes to Autumn, the chunkier (and the warmer) the better! This longline one from Only will definitely be an essential for us in the next few weeks! We always find our style becoming more relaxed when it comes to Autumn fashion and usually can’t wait to swap out our summer weekend uniform of jeans and floral tops for our Autumn weekend wardrobe of loungewear, and we can see this cardigan fitting right in with our comfortable, casual style! This looser fitting longline style is always super slimming and flattering as it seems to almost hang off the shoulders and skim over the rest of the body in a really natural way, rather than looking boxy like a shorter cardigan might.


Remember that Autumn weekend uniform that I mentioned above? You’re about to see why we love our loungewear so much! This cosy pullover and joggers set has been a staff favourite in the past few weeks. The ultra soft material makes for ultimate comfort when you’re chilling on the sofa binging on Netflix (you can trust us on this one, we’ve tried and tested it!) Matching Loungewear sets are also on trend this year, meaning that you can 100% pop out to the shops in this one without raising eyebrows (if you do raise any eyebrows just remind yourself that they’re just jealous and wishing that they looked as cool as you)


As a girl that prioritises comfort over fashion (*cough* teal green zip up fleece *cough*) I’m sure you can imagine my unmatched joy after finding out that puffer jackets are in fact on trend this Winter! If you haven’t tried this trend then what are you waiting for girl? This is truly the most comfortable style when it comes to outerwear (sorry shackets, we still love you!) Because trust me when I say you will not believe the warmth from these coats, and you’ll struggle to deal with having to take this one off when you arrive into work in the mornings. This one from Only is one of our favourites right now, with the brown colour also being perfect for the 70’s trend that’s huge right now! Also, honorable mention for this teddy jacket that GTT’s Angeline wore this weekend and has been convincing us all to purchase one of our own!




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