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Posted by Kayleigh on 1st Oct 2021

Who Knew Technology Was A Fashion Statement? A Look Into The Technology Of Columbia's Most Iconic Pieces

You might not know it, but we love a bit of exploring at the weekends! GTT’s very own Yvonne can often be found climbing mountains, chilling in cliffside caves or jumping off rocks. And while we prefer to live vicariously through her by stocking her unreal Instagram page (*cough* *cough*)rather than joining her on her adventures, we could never say no to a walk along the beach, the only thing to make us feel less guilty about eating our own weight in pasta for our Friday lunch! Coming into the colder months (they’re upon us, we can’t keep denying it) these weekend adventures call for extra warm clothing, which is why our newest brand Columbia was launched just in time!

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Columbia manufactures outerwear that’s innovative, durable, comfortable, and stylish enough to be insta pic worthy (after all, we have to prove that we actually exercise and don’t spend our whole weekend binge watching murder documentaries on Netflix!)

Firstly, a waterproof jacket will 100% be coming home with me this weekend! This is made from a waterproof yet breathable (hello, underarm venting) fabric that’s made with Columbia’s omni-tech technology. This is a multi-layered weather protection system designed to keep wind and rain from getting in, yet the inner lining also allows sweat and moisture to escape to the surface. Other jackets from the company are made using the brand’s Omni-Heat technology, with “little metallic dots” on the inside of the coat reflecting and retaining the heat that your body generates (think the metallic silver emergency blankets, but make it cute) This adds loads of warmth, without adding too much bulk. In addition to this, the fabric wicks moisture, meaning that you can keep your warmth without feeling a build up of moisture from sweating. Gross, I know, but we’ve all been there!

The brand’s leggings are another must have, made with their omni-wick technology. This system ensures that the material transfers moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. Excess moisture is brought to the quick drying outer layer of the leggings where it is quickly evaporated, leaving you dry and comfortable. Is there anything worse than getting soaked in a downpour 10 minutes in and being stuck in freezing, damp clothes for the next hour? Another pair of leggings to be released this weekend is complete with a compression baselayer for maximum comfort, support, and warmth. What more do you need?

GTT’s Chelsea is a longtime lover of fleeces and has been so excited to see the ones coming from Columbia! They are manufactured with the brand’s omni-shield technology, a protective barrier on the outside to resist precipitation, as well as the dreaded liquid stains! As well as this, they’re quick drying, meaning that when the fleeces do get wet, they dry in no time!

And it’s not just ladies that this brand caters to, with loads of fab mensware pieces, from lightweight fleeces perfect for layering to fleece vests to provide ultimate warmth, as well as unisex beanies and caps. We can’t wait to show you all some of our favourite pieces this weekend!


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