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Posted by Kayleigh on 27th Oct 2021

What To Wear With: Satin Slip Skirts

Girls, I’m about to make a statement. I think we should normalise doing little things to make us feel that little bit fancier, whether it’s lighting that expensive candle in the evening or getting a coffee to go once a week instead of simply making it yourself (I don’t know why or how, it simply always tastes better, GTT’s Maria and I have discussed this phenomenon at length on Friday mornings on the way to work) but there anything that will make you feel fancy like a satin skirt will? This is one of our favourite ways to get dressed up and is truly one of the most versatile styles as it can be dressed up or down super easily to suit any occasion!


If you’re looking for something streamlined and super feminine a bodysuit would be great here, this would be the perfect way to accentuate your curves and would be perfect for a night out with the girls. This black one is simple enough to be subtle and understated and draw the eye to that fab skirt!


For something more relaxed a slogan t-shirt would be ideal. This immediately adds a more casual feel and would be perfect with trainers for a weekend!


A knit jumper would be the perfect way to give this outfit a super cute, relaxed look. We’ve been loving high-low dressing right now and have been using every opportunity to make formal clothes more wearable by pairing them with more casual clothes. All you need to do is pair with your favourite boots for the perfect off duty look!


A satin skirt is quite a feminine style, so the perfect way to add a little bit of an edge would be a leather jacket to bring a more masculine feel to the outfit. Complete this with a graphic t-shirt for a more relaxed look or with a bodysuit for a night out and you’re good to go!


These skirts paired with a button down would be perfect for work as you can either tuck the shirt in for a professional, sophisticated look or knot the skirt at the front for a more relaxed, casual vibe. This outfit would be the ideal way to really perfect that day to night look!


Looking for the perfect occasion outfit? Don’t worry girl, we got you! This skirt paired with a satin cami would make for a super chic outfit when paired with your favourite heels!



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