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3rd Dec 2021

What To Wear With: Satin Dresses

Name a more iconic duo than the GTT Girls and our satin slip dresses? Trick question, there isn’t one! This style is slinky and feminine and shows of the body in a subtle way that we love, and even better? It’s truly such a versatile style that can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with something as simple as a graphic t-shirt!

The slip dress was originally designed to look like undergarments but was always meant to be shown off! It grew in popularity in the late 90’s (Anyone remember the iconic Calvin Klein dress from Clueless?) as fashion became more focused on minimalism and the “underwear is outerwear” trend began. Last year this trend came back with a bang with the return of corset tops and bralettes and we were so glad to see than this beautiful style was making a comeback too! But due to it’s fitted style and formal feel, the slip dress can often be seen as an exclusively formal dress. We’re here to put these rumours to rest with 5 ways of styling this dress for a more relaxed, day to day look!


Believe me, if we could style everything with a blazer we would. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of this style for the simple reason that it looks amazing with everything…and the slip dress is no exception! The blazer gives this dress a more masculine look which contrasts the ultra feminine slip dress in a really lovely way. The boy meets girl trend has been huge this year and we’ve been loving it. The oversized fit of the blazer also contrasts the fitted slip dress in a really lovely way that doesn’t overpower the dress and still highlights the curves.


Styling this dress over a turtleneck is a really great way to still get a chance to wear your summer dresses into the winter months. This ensures that your arms are covered but the look is still fitted and your curves are still defined, again not taking away from the feminine feel of this dress. As well as this it ensures a chic, streamlined look while still offering maximum comfort.


Looking for a more relaxed feel? Girl we got you! We’ve also been loving this style paired with a graphic t-shirt for a chilled look. This really makes the dress perfect for day to day wear and gives us this effortlessly cool “I just threw this on” feel that also looks put together and like the perfect coherent outfit. How fab would this be paired with trainers for a streetwear style that we’re obsessed with right now?


A few weeks ago our stylist Angeline paired this dress with a chunky knit jumper for a video and honestly girls, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! This Autumn we had a real moment for high low dressing and this outfit is the perfect example of this. The jumper really gives a comfortable, relaxed feel to such a formal dress to make it perfectly appropriate for day-to-day wear. The jumper brings a bit of volume to the top of the dress which contrasts the more fitted skirt in a really lovely way. You can either wear the jumper loose for a laid back look, or pair with a belt and leave the jumper loosely tucked into the belt to keep the fitted feel of the dress and define the body further.


Everyone has a white button down shirt, and it’s a great idea to pair it with a slip dress to freshen up your look! Similar to the jumper this gives us a relaxed look perfect for day to day wear and can be worn unbuttoned either loose over the dress or knotted at the waist to really place an emphasis on the curve defining features of this dress!



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