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Posted by Kayleigh on 1st Mar 2022

What To Wear With: Quirky Knits

It's no secret by now that the GTT Team are superfans of cosy knits. But as much as we love them, these wardrobe essentials are often confined to darker, neutral tones. Until the Sugarhill brand came along, that is! This brand is chocked full of our favourite knitwear in bold colours and out-there prints. But after a lifetime of living in tones of black, grey, and a little pop of brown if we're feeling brave, it can be so difficult to know how to style these pieces without your outfit seeming too over the top. 

If any Gen-Z gals are reading this one, you might want to look away now! But there's a lot to be said for the simple skinny jean! This style goes with absolutely every style, whether you're going for an oversized top or something fitted to emphasise your curves. While loose fitting jeans will stand out, a more fitted style is just simple enough to allow the top to be a statement piece. And if these knits are definitely a statement!



New drinking game:take a drink every time I mention this next outfit hack in a blog! I know just how much I talk about pairing knitwear with your occasion dresses to make them wearable for day to day but honestly girls, it works! We use this trick for anything from that dress we wore to a communion last year, to a dress that's too low cut to wear in broad daylight (my current 'fit) to dresses with damaged buttons, busted zips, or underarm rips. And the best part is that the bold colours of the jumper will make the dress underneath it almost unrecognisable!



Similar to jeans, when pairing these brighter knits with a skirt, it's often a great idea to go for something as simple as possible, usually in a more subtle colour like black or white that will again allow the top to be the statement piece of your outfit.



When it comes to cardigans, we love pairing these pieces with a simple satin cami top and jeans. The cardigan adds a fun touch to such a simple outfit, while the satin material of the cami will add a more feminine feel. In addition to this, the different textures will add a real element of interest to the outfit!




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