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Posted by Kayleigh on 6th Oct 2021

What To Wear With: Puffer Coats

It seems like we’ve almost completely skipped over Autumn, and gone straight from Summer into the midst of Winter, and with that comes winter fashion. For a lot of people this will mean that comfort is taking priority over style. However this year we have the chance to combine the two with an on-trend puffer jacket. This coat has been taking over the runways (and our hearts) in the past few months and are set to become even more popular in the coming weeks. However, because of its associations with comfort, it can often be seen as a “lazy” item, meaning it can be hard to style this one in a chic outfit that’s not only on trend, but feels super comfortable!


Firstly, pair with an on-trend pop of colour to add a bit of interest to the outfit. How about a brighter handbag? This one in an on trend emerald green is one of our favourites right now and really shows how much thought has gone into your new go-to ‘fit. How amazing would this look paired with a black puffer to allow the bag to be the statement piece of this outfit?


It’s also a great idea to pair with an understated, fitted top which will allow the jacket to be the statement piece of the outfit. The slim, streamlined fit of the top will also emphasise the oversized style of the jacket without creating too much volume. This black turtle neck would be amazing with jeans for a chic look!


When it comes to the bottom half, it may be good to pair with more fitted jeans or leggings. This will again highlight the oversized fit of the jacket, and will also avoid too much volume and material throughout the outfit. A pair of chunky trainers will add to this look by emphasising and elongating the legs and will be the perfect thing to finish off this edgy, street style look!



Another option when it comes to shoes would be a pair of heeled boots paired with your favourite jeans. This will add a chic, feminine feel to your outfit for an unforgettable look that will turn heads!


It seems that every time I open my Instagram I’m hit with outfits based around neutral tones, and as much as I love the pops of colour that have been beginning to make an appearance, I have to love the relaxed, luxe feel of a more toned down outfits.This tan puffer waistcoat would be amazing with a beige top and leggings loungewear set for the perfect relaxed yet trendy look!


We’ve been loving high-low dressing right now and can’t wait to get a chance to pair our favourite puffer jackets with a floral midi dress for a more romantic, girly look! This brings such a fun, playful vibe to the outfit, making it the perfect way to express yourself!



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