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Posted by Kayleigh on 16th Feb 2022

What To Wear With: Pastels

Pastel coats are one of our most used spring essentials. While our current weather is crying out for a good old puffer coat, a bright colour is the ideal way to inject a bit more fun into your wardrobe while still being 100% comfortable. But it can almost be difficult to style these coats for a casual style without the outfit seeming too bright or overpowering. Here are some of our favourite ways to style these jackets for a more understated, relaxed style!

When it comes to styling colours, everyone pairs with neutrals. And this is a classic for one very simple reasons:that it never seems to fail! This is the perfect way to make your pastels pop in such a beautiful way. If black seems to stark along with a sweet, feminine pastel, white is always fab during the summer with lilac or blush pink tones while soft grey would keep the soft, relaxed style. 


If you feel like these pretty pastels are too feminine it's super easy to add a little bit of edge to these outfits by adding more masculine pieces to your wardrobe, from a leather jacket, to a structured blazer, to a pair of edgy denim jeans. This is the ideal way to add a little bit of drama to the most feminine of outfits! How amazing would this style look with a pastel knit jumperpastel knit jumper?



Feeling brave? You can pair your pastels together for a super chic, monochromatic look. We love a good tonal outfit in the winter and you can do this really easily in the spring/summer by matching your mint green trousers with a similar colour on top!



You don't necessarily have to stick with the same colours, we're loving mixed pastels right now to add interest and a more playful feel to your feminine look. One of our favourite pairings has been blush pink and powder blue tones, and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon!




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