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Posted by Kayleigh on 19th Jan 2022

What To Wear With: Padded Gilets

Take a look into any of the GTT team’s wardrobes and I can guarantee you that you’ll find a gilet or five. This has become a staple in our day to day wardrobe and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s with our casuals or paired over a day dress, we’ve loved seeing all the different ways to style our new favourite layer!

As a lot of our longline gilets are padded, we’ve always found it better to pair them with something slim fitting to avoid too much volume on the body. When layered over loose fitting clothing, in particular jeans, this style can often be too overpowering and drown the body. It’s super easy to pair with more fitted jeans to still show off the body’s curves, but to also allow the gilet to be the statement point of the outfit.



The past few years have seen the return or our love of casual clothing , and a longline gilet is the perfect way to dress these outfits up and bring an element of excitement to the outfit. Bonus points for a pop of colour like this blue style. For this reason they often look amazing paired with on-trend tonal outfits. While a simple black leggings and sweatshirt look can often be very simple, a gilet is the perfect way to add interest to the outfit.




And the best part is, they’re not strictly confined to casual outfits. These styles often look amazing with more dressy leather look leggings for the perfect weekend look. A gilet will be the perfect thing to give the outfit a more casual feel perfect for day to day wear paired with a knit jumper.




You know how much we love our day dresses, so imagine our excitement when we realised we could pair our new favourite jacket with our old go-to dresses and create a look that’s somehow masculine while also feminine, dressy but also casual, and classic as well as bang-on-trend! We’ve been loving wearing our gilets with midi dresses to add a more casual, streetwear feel to such a dressy, feminine outfit!




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