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Posted by Kayleigh on 30th Nov 2021

What to wear with: Mom Jeans

The jean trend that has dominated the past few years is coming to an end and we’re not sure how to feel about it! This year has seen the end of our beloved skinny jeans and has saw a rise in looser fits, namely the now iconic Mom Jean. I myself am a longtime lover of skinny jeans (and a longtime resistor of change) and to the disappointment of my more fashion forward co-workers have refused to stray from my daily wardrobe staple but ladies I have an announcement: I might just be starting to become obsessed with mom jeans! Before you automatically scroll past, just hear me out:

If we’ve learned anything from last year's lockdown (how has it almost been two years?)  it’s that comfort is key (well we also learned that we didn’t appreciate the ability to drop everything and hop on a plane to a sunny country when we could, or that if you try hard enough you can pretend that it’s a Friday evening instead of 11am on a Tuesday and pop open that bottle of wine, but mainly the comfort thing) and let me tell you, these jeans are the most comfortable style we’ve worn in a long time. It still features our favourite high waist for that hourglass look, but also has a more tight fit on the bum and tops of the legs with a baggier fit on the legs for a super comfortable style that also lengthens the lower part of the body (shhh, if you listen carefully you might just hear the sound of short gals everywhere rejoicing!)


As well as this, it’s such a versatile style, perfect for bringing you from day to night! Go for black jeans for an edgy, sophistated style, blue for a laid back weekend vibe, or a light blue wash for a casual, summery, 80’s inspired look. The possibilities are endless! The only question is, after years of styling skinny jeans, do I even remember how to style a pair of looser fit jeans? Well that’s what we’re here for! You can thank us later ;-)

Firstly, for that boss babe going for a casual look, you can always pair a simple button down tucked into your favourite mom jeans. This look is a classic for a reason: it always does it’s job of pulling off that minimal effort, maximum impact look. You can’t get more classy and sophisticated than a button down shirt, perfect for those work meetings and ideal for combining comfort and style! We love the chic feel of this black button down!


If you’re looking to make a statement, we got you girl! These jeans also look fab paired with a slogan t-shirt for a more relaxed look pulled straight from 90’s street style! This is such a simple style that is the perfect way to switch up your weekend wardrobe when paired with your favourite trainers! Add a leather jacket for a personal touch and to add the perfect amount of edge to your outfit!


The biggest question: Are mom jeans a “jeans and a nice top” kinda jean? Of course they are! These jeans are just fab paired with a bodysuit for that night out that you’ve been waiting all year for! The fitted style of the bodysuit does a great job of lengthening the upper half of the body while pairing jeans will add a lengthening effect to the legs and streamline the outfit: the perfect way to pull the whole look together. In addition to this the ruched effect defines the waist, lifts the bust, and creates the illusion of curved in a super natural way!

While this style is perfect for so many body types, it’s particularly flattering on plus size gals! Remember that high waist and baggier fit that elongates the leg? This just so happens to be a cheat code to showing off that envied hourglass figure! This style would be amazing paired with a plain t-shirt or bodysuit as mentioned above, and add a statement belt if you really want to draw attention to the waist and show off those curves!



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