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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Oct 2021

What To Wear With: Long Cardigans

We're cardigan girls and we're not afraid to admit it, but here's why: A cardigan is the perfect way to add a little bit of interest and movement to your outfit, lightweight styles in particular that hang from the shoulders and skim over the natural shape in a really slimming, flattering way. This is also a really good addition for a bit of extra warmth when wearing a short sleeve or cami strap top, meaning that you can still get wear out of a lot of your summer tops well into the Autumn. But there is a common misconception that these cardigans, particularly a longer style like the one below, can look messy or not as put together as some outfits. So how can we style this Autumn style staple to avoid this?


It's always a good idea here to pair with more fitted bottoms. A loose fitting, wider leg can make the look seem boxy and unflattering while a more slim fitting style will really streamline the outfit and highlight your curves in a natural way.


The same rule can be applied to dresses and skirts as it’s often better to go for a shorter more fitted skirt. A long or full skirt can make the look seem messy or incoherent, almost as if you threw on a cardigan to keep you cosy while getting ready that morning and forgot to take it off before leaving the house. In comparison to this, a cardigan paired over a shorter skirt will really pull the look together in a relaxed way.


Another option for dresses would be lightweight, fitted mini dress. This will once again highlight your curves while a thicker knit cardigan here will add a really relaxed, casual feel to the outfit. The lighter fabric on this dress will stop the outfit from seeming bulky or boxy.


To avoid the outfit looking dull or boring you can always use a brighter or printed statement cardigan layered over a head to toe darker coloured outfit. It’s a known fact now that these darker colours are slimming on your silhouette, but they’re also really elongating on the body. You can alternatively go for a neutral toned cardigan paired with a printed dress to allow the dress to be the talking point of the body.



If you’re worried about a cardigan hiding your figure (we don’t blame you, you have to flaunt those curves girl) The solution is a simple one. You can add a belt to your cardigan to pull in the waist, add shape and definition to the body, and create that envied hourglass silhouette.


The perfect way to step up your look (sorry for the pun here, I couldn’t help myself!) would be to add your favourite heels for a super chic look. This would add a dressy touch to balance out the casual feel that a cardigan brings.


If you’re looking to get the perfect Autumn/Winter look, say no more! A lot of these cardigans are typically more fitted on the top so a scarf here would add a little bit more volume and interest to the top of your body as well as draw the eye upward.



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