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Posted by Kayleigh on 20th Oct 2021

What To Wear With: Leather Jeans

Does anybody remember that “starter pack” trend that was going around a few years ago (let’s not get started on how weird the internet was in 2014) well if you were to create a “GTT Girl Starter Pack” you would need to be sure to include one of our more consistent style staples, leather look jeans. As much as we love to dress up, sometimes comfort has to take priority and leathers never seem to fail. There are SO many ways to style this style just like this pair below!


A button down would be the perfect way to give this outfit a more relaxed look. This one would be perfect due to the oversized fit which would be super slimming when paired with fitted jeans like this pair, and would give an chill, laid back vibe. This style would look amazing buttoned up for a minimal effort outfit or opened and paired with a cami top for a layered look.


Alternatively if you’re looking for a more fitted, streamlined look a bodysuit would be the way to go in order to show off your curves. A fitted top paired with high waisted jeans would really emphasise the waist to give the illusion of an hourglass look, while the streamlined outfit would have an elongating effect on the body. What more could you ask for?


Leathers will automatically bring a lot of edge to an outfit, and you could really double down on this with a graphic t-shirt. This one would be perfect loosely tucked into your jeans to emphasise your waist in a really natural way while still giving your look an effortlessly relaxed feel!


One of our favourite ways to style leathers is with a knit jumper. This really gives the look a cute, laid back feel. This is especially eye catching when you pair your favourite leather jeans with a fluffy jumper or one with a thicker knit, as the mix of textures adds interest to your outfit and finds the perfect balance between casual and dressy.


Girly girls, we’ve got you covered too! This lace top is one of our favourites right now, from the pastel colour, to the delicate lace, to the fitted style and it would bring the perfect feminine touch to much a more masculine outfit that would give us major Y2K vibes!


Now for the ultimate test…is it a “jeans and a nice top” kind of jean? Girl, it’s the ultimate “jeans and a nice top” kind of jean! These jeans are effortlessly chic and would bring the perfect amount of drama and edge to your outfit as well as go really well with the majority of tops in your wardrobe due to the simple style of them. How amazing would they be paired with this top from Ivy Lane for a fitted look to show off your curves on your next night out?



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