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Posted by Kayleigh on 11th Mar 2022

What To Wear With: Denim Jackets

Is there anything more essential than a denim jacket? This essential has become the MVP of our Spring/Summer wardrobe in the past few years and honestly, we're not quite ready to let it go just yet! We can't see this one going away any time soon and find it to truly be one of the most versatile styles there is! Here are some of our favourite ways of wearing our beloved denim jackets!


It almost seems like law at this stage, that when the first sign of good weather hits you have to pair your summer dresses with a denim jacket. We can't explain it, but this outfit just never seems to fail! This is our favourite way of making our day dresses that little bit more casual and perfect for day to day wear!


A denim jacket is also our first port of call when it comes to adding an extra layer to our favourite casual "jeans and a white t-shirt" outfit. This is such a great way to bring a pop of colour to the outfit as well as add an element of interest. However, we prefer to stick to black jeans or leggings in this instance to avoid a Britney style double denim look!



We love a good knitted dress, especially during the transition between season for a little bit of extra warmth! Adding a denim jacket here is a great way of adding shape to the dress while somehow still brightening up the look and adding a summery feel to it! In addition to this, it adds that all important element of interest guessed it, the contrasting textures!


There's something so put together about a denim jacket paired with a summery midi skirt! This is a go to for our summer wardrobes, whether it's for an occasion or simply for our day to day casual wear! A light wash denim would make the lemon yellow of this skirt really pop!



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