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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Nov 2021

What To Wear With: Cropped Cardigans

You all know how much we love our cardigans, right? Well I’m afraid I have to inform you all that the GTT Team has been split by the very thing that we love most: our cosy knits! We’ve succumbed to the age old debate that asks us when faced with a relaxed oversized cardigan and a cutesy cropped one, which one do you choose? We’ve tried incorporating a points system (cropped cardigans get 10 points for versatility, but oversized ones get 15 points for comfort, FYI!) But this soon fell to shreds as the claws came out. Finally the argument was made that cropped cardigans can be difficult to style without looking twee or almost too cute (I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing)but as the president of team cropped, I’m here to dispel this rumour and give you all 5 ways of styling this fashion staple, complete with the points system that we definitely didn’t spend 45 minutes coming up with (we totally did).


The style is a huge trend right now thanks to Gen-Z and their admirable commitment to revival of Y2K fashion, and was a trend that we welcomed with open arms. As casual as it is, it’s super easy to be dressed up for a slightly more formal look. One way of doing this would be by pairing with a slip dress! Pairing with a dress would really add a more feminine feel to this classic, while layering the cardigan over would make the look more casual and perfect for day-to-day wear. This look gets a record breaking 20 points, as it also caters to another current trend which is high-low dressing as we’re mixing casual and formal pieces in one glorious ‘fit!


If you’re concerned about the outfit almost seeming too feminine you can always pair with jeans to add a more masculine feel. This is our go-to when it comes to a relaxed, minimal effort outfit and has in fact saved my style game on more than one occasion where I’ve slept in and don’t have time to worry about putting an outfit together (A little GTT exclusive for you, this happens at least twice a week). A simple neutral cardigan will go with just about any pair of jeans. You can either go for skinny jeans for a more streamlined fit that looks amazing with a chunky knit cardigan, or a more casual looser fit jean that will make a fitted, fine knit cardigan look effortlessly chic. This one brings 15 points for ultimate comfort while still looking put together!


Looking to add a more professional look to your outfit? We always love these cardigans worn open or off the shoulder with a satin cami top. This really creates a lot of interest due to the mix in textures between a chunky knit cardigan and a sleek cami top. The lightweight fabric of these tops make them ideal for layering as it ensures the top half doesn’t seem bulky due to too much material. This is always a slimming look as the satin material skims over the body’s natural shape and a cardigan worn open will really draw the eye to this area and emphasise this as well as lifting the waist and giving the silhouette a taller and more lean look, gaining the cropped cardi team another 10 points for just being so damn flattering!


On the hunt for a little bit more drama? Girl, that’s just the story of our lives! A pair of leather leggings will really add edge to this one, which will stop the cardigan from looking too cutesy or feminine. To contrast this, the cardigan will really soften the look with avoids the outfit looking too edgy or stark. This is particularly eye catching when you bring a more fluffy knit cardigan into the mix! This look gives the cropped cardigan 15 more points for sustainability, as it gives us yet another opportunity to wear leather leggings, which never fail to be one of our Autumn Winter Style Staples!


It seems that a lot of our styles this year have taken a major step towards preppy (Think Blair Waldorf on a budget) and a cropped cardigan has become my best friend when it comes to this. This cardigan with a pleated mini skirt is effortlessly cool and chic and would be fab paired with some black faux leather boots to add a little bit more edge. This look would be best with a more fitted cardigan to avoid making the outfit look too square due to the volume that the pleated skirt would add to the bottom half of the body. 10 points here for the possibility of this cardigan being Instagram feed worthy!



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