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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Nov 2021

What To Wear With: Blazers

Allow me to set the scene of a real life conversation that happened in our office last week. When our very own Angeline walked past Anne's office wearing a fab bright pink blazer she was stopped in her tracks by the question "Is that one of ours? It's a lot pinker than mine!" She answered with a non-committal "No, I don't think so! I do have the same one as you but this one's different" Astounded by Angeline's impressive blazer collection Anne asked "you have two pink blazers?" Angeline looked to the floor before mumbling "No, I have four". Yep, there's nothing the GTT Girls love more than a good blazer!

Blazers came into fashion in a major way in the late 70's when women were beginning to focus more on their careers (we love to see it!) and used their fashion as a way to empower themselves and show that they were just as serious and could do just as much as any man. Talk about a power move! This is still one of our go-to styles as a way to add a more masculine feel to our outfits, and the best part is that they're super versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit!

Firstly, I've been loving styling my blazers with jeans. This gives the relaxed look a more formal feel in a really subtle way, this works particularly well with an oversized blazer paired with skinny fit jeans to really. I tend to play it a little bit more safe with my fashion and love this style because it never seems to fail! You can also layer a knit jumper under the blazer for a relaxed, comfortable vibe.


Another go-to would be to pair with a satin cami top to bring a more feminine feel to the outfit. This is a great way to contrast the masculine look of the blazer and make the outfit seem that little bit more thought out and put together. A white top like this one would really give the outfit a chic feel when paired with jeans and a simple black blazer. The contrasting materials would also be a surefire way to add interest to the outfit.


Another great way to give the blazer a really relaxed feel would be to pair with a graphic t-shirt to give the outfit a cool, edgy look. These statement t-shirts had a major moment this summer with the return of Y2K fashion and this would yet again be the perfect way to contrast the formal feel of a blazer!


I'm all too familiar with the struggle of planning on wearing my favourite dress, only to be reminded that this dress is way to nice for a jacket! Most jackets will immediately dress down your outfit but a blazer is the perfect way to avoid this. This is the ideal way to add a more on-trend masculine feel to your outfit, in particular when the dress is quite feminine. This would really elevate your look and ensure that your 'fit is bang on trend!


Leather look leggings are one of our favourite styles this time of year and would be the perfect way to add a little bit of drama and edge to a blazer. We love this especially with a softer, more feminine blazer like this one from Daisy Street. This is one of our go-to looks for nights out, and is fab with a more fitted top like this one below!



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