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Posted by Kayleigh on 19th Jul 2022

What to Wear With: Bermuda Shorts

One thing we always look forward to about summer is the return of shorts. Whether you're a distressed denim girl, love a pair of tailored shorts, or tend to go for an on-trend cycle style, there's a pair of shorts for everyone! But the latest style to enter the fray has brought a brand new aesthetic that has shocked us to our core. The rumours are true, Hot Girl Summer is no longer. Allow us to introduce you to the phenomenon known as Adam Sandler Summer!

We've been preaching for years that comfort is key, and there's nothing that proves it more than a pair of on-trend Bermuda shorts! Yep, you heard that correctly, it's time to apologise to your dad for all the grief you've given him over is knee length shorts! This style from Dr. Denim immediately adds a relaxed, holiday ready feel to your summer outfits. It gives us the perfect opportunity to go legs out for the summer outfits of our dreams, without having to commit to Daisy Duke style hotpants! 


Firstly, lets talk about shoes! The downside with this style is that the length can often make your legs seem shorter, which is often the opposite to our desired effect. While the high waist of this style helps counteract this and give the legs a more elongated effect, the correct shoes can really make or break your outfit here! A style with a small heel, or wedge will naturally elongate the legs. This will be highlighted even further with a neutral nude or tan colour that would almost blend in with the legs, rather than a black, white, or brightly coloured style that would cut off the legs at the ankle. The fact that there's no ankle straps on this style also ensures that this doesn't happen!


We've made no secret of our love of a relaxed fit, so it's no surprise that we love this ultra flattering balloon style that fits the waist snugly while loosening around the thighs. Not only does this emphasise the waistline, but also creates a visual distance between the leg and the material of the shorts for a slimming look. However, it can be really easy for this looser fit to feel frumpy or hide the shape of the body. You can really balance out the proportions here with a more fitted top or bodysuit to help highlight your natural silhouette, rather than hiding. Something like a lace style or this frill detailed top will also add a more feminine feel to such a masculine style of shorts to add an element of interest to your outfit.



Adding a little bit of structure on top will also balance out the relaxed fit of these shorts and really give the outfit a dressier feel. A white button down would be perfect here! We love this style tucked into the waistline to really highlight the waistline, rather than drown the body in material. Another option here is to tie the shirt at the waistline for the perfect street-style inspired look that will create a cut off point at the waist to elongate the legs further. This look creates a clean, put together look than can be easily dressed up or dressed down!


Looking to really commit to the cause? It really wouldn't be Adam Sandler Summer without these shorts and a graphic tee, would it? This has been our-go to for a super casual, relaxed feel. It really doesn't get much more comfortable than this! While we'll find it difficult to stray from our fitted tops and bodysuits, it can be as simple as half tucking your t-shirt to help define the waist and flatter your natural shape, without taking away from the relaxed feel of this outfit!



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