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Posted by Kayleigh on 15th Mar 2022

What To Wear With: A White Button Down

Oh there's a lot to be said about a simple white button down! This one is a classic for a reason, the reason being that it never seems to fail! It's one of the only items of clothing that everybody needs and is one of our favourite ways to add a more professional feel to our favourite jeans and skirts for work. But one of the issues can be that because this style is such a staple, it can often be seen as boring. But that's where we come in! Here are some of our favourite ways of adding a fun twist to your favourite white shirt!

While we tend to pair this shirt with something neutral and wearable, such as jeans or a fitted black or brown skirt, adding a bit of colour on the bottom half of the body is a great way of brightening the outfit, adding an element of interest to draw the eye and showing off your personal style, while a white button down is simple enough to allow that floral midi skirt or those bright jeans to be the statement piece of the outfit and stop the look from seeming too overpowering or sore on the eye. 


A white button down is one of our MVPs when it comes to layering! Something as simple as layering this over your dress will add a more casual feel to two very formal pieces of clothing. You can either wear it open and layered over a classic LBD for a super laid back look, or partially buttoned up and tied at the waist for a super flattering waist enhancing style paired with a summery midi dress!



It doesn't stop there! Layering looks just as amazing under your dress as it does over your dress! We love a short sleeved dress during the warmer months, and pairing a button down shirt with them gives us a chance to wear them all year round! This is a great go to if you're on the hunt for something a little more professional, that still gives you major style points!


Y2K Fashion has had a hold on us since late 2021, and we don't see it going anywhere any time soon! And while we're not 100% ready to rock a corset top (Summer body is still in progress!) we've been seeing so many people wearing these early 00's inspired tops layered over a white button down and honestly, we kind of love it! This really adds an element of drama and edge to what is arguably the most inoffensive style staple, and is the perfect way to turn heads on a night out while still feeling 100% comfortable!



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