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Posted by Kayleigh on 3rd Aug 2022

What do We Want? Dresses for Short Girls? When do we Want Them? Now!

The majority of the girls in GTT are certified short girls. As in, the best place to hide the fancy chocolates is on the top shelf, the stepladder is an essential when it comes to dispatch, and all modelling dreams have been well and truly squashed kind of short. And although that makes us terrible at certain things (changing lightbulbs and being able to reach the fusebox) over the years we’ve become pretty good at finding the perfect petite dresses to flatter our height. And it would be super selfish of us to hide it from you, right?

When it comes to petite dresses, mini dresses are often the first thing that comes to mind, right? This style is known to be super elongating on the legs (Watch out Gisele Bündchen, we’re coming for you!) This style never fails to draw attention to the legs for a slimming, elongated effect. The defined waistline of this one from Ivy Lane   highlights this even further while also adding a bit of shape and definition to the body.


Not exactly a mini dress kind of girl? Fear not! It’s super easy to find the perfect midi dresses for short girls too! What we tend to look for here is a style with a slit at the skirt. Not only does this add comfort and ease of movement (as well as a little Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscar Awards moment, which we could never turn down!) but the slit often visually breaks up the line of material at the skirt of the dress and shows that little bit of skin, stopping the dress from drowning your frame in too much material.


As much as we love our comfortable, relaxed fit oversized clothing, when it comes to petite dresses it’s often better to go for something a little bit more tailored that will follow the natural shape of the body, rather than drown it in material and overwhelm the shape. While I know that some minds will automatically go to super fitted, bodycon styles, this doesn’t always have to be the case, while this style is tailored and follows the natural shape of the body, the more relaxed fit of the skirt makes for total comfort!


Whether on the hunt for dresses for short girls or taller girls, waist definition is SO important! This is our go-to way of adding a tailored feel to any outfit always elevates your look in the most flattering way. This is another effortless way to cheat miles long legs. And what more could we ask for really? When it comes to petite dresses, this is often done with a belted or tied waistline, just like this style!


Not a dress kind of girl? Say no more! As much as we love a good old power suit, the separate trousers or skirt and blazer can often break up the vertical line of the body and make the silhouette seem shorter. Although there are quite a few ways of combating this (a high waisted trouser style is one of our favourites) a jumpsuit gives us the best of both worlds, with the security and comfort of trousers, combined with the flattering unbroken vertical line of a dress.


Looking for a fun print? We’ve got you covered! Just like horizontal stripes can widen the body, vertical stripes will naturally lengthen it. So when it comes to dresses for short girls, vertical patterns are always a good idea! From the vertical abstract print, to the side split, this midi dress just so happens to be the holy grail of petite dresses!


While neutral tones have been our go-to for elongating the legs and flattering the silhouette, it can be super easy for our colour lovers to find the perfect dresses for short girls! As long as you steer clear from colour blocking here and stick with something that would be the same colour throughout, just like this bang-on-trend hot pink style. Again, this will lengthen the vertical line of the figure rather than breaking up the body which can make the silhouette seem shorter than it is!



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