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Posted by Kayleigh on 27th Feb 2022

We're Two Years Late (Who's Counting?) But The Roaring 20's Are Making a Comeback!

Firstly, a defining aspect of this era was an androgynous body shape that was neither masculine or feminine. For this reason, drop waisted styles became more popular as they hid the waistline rather than defining the more feminine aspects of your shape. In 1925 Shift dresses became more popular as they also hid more feminine curves and created the illusion of straight lines throughout the body.


Fashion of this period was all about letting loose and having fun (sound familiar? Fashion towards the end of 2021 had the same feel, from the unseasonably bright colours to dramatic sequins we noticed during party season, and we can already see it sticking around for 2022!) Jazz music was a major part of this and had a huge influence on fashion, as dresses became shorter and looser fitting to allow women to kick their legs when dancing. We're seeing a similar effect right now with the return of shorter hemlines (currently taking bets on which of the GTT Girls will be caught doing the Charleston on our next work night out btw)


A lot of party dresses also had embellishments, from fringe details, to tassles and dangling sequins to give the dress more movement, which often looked amazing when dancing!


And it wasn't all about party wear, if you're looking for a fancier option then we're not opposed to bringing back cocktail dresses, which became more popular in the late 20's as women began drinking more in public! Cocktail hours were often between 6-8pm so ladies were hunt for a dress that would become a part of their transition between day and night wear. It goes without saying that these were days long before the idea of bringing a pair of spare heels in your car and changing your shoes in the office bathroom came about! A sheath style was super popular here as it was more dressy than a day dress, while being a little bit more casual than an evening dress. And as a group of girls that could never turn down a Pornstar Martini and love any excuse to get dressed up, we definitely wouldn't be mad if this trend found it's way into 2022! 


Because of designs from the likes of Coco Chanel, sportswear became more popular as day to day wear (again, sound familiar? Although we're not about to splash out on Chanel, we're no strangers to the whole "wearing athleisure every day" game!) Tennis in particular was a popular trend for women and majorly influenced their fashion thanks to a tennis set design from Patau, so it's no wonder that the tennis skirt made an out of the blue return last summer!



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