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Posted by Kayleigh on 4th Jan 2022

We're Reclaiming This Style Staple: How To Know You're Wearing The Right Jeans!

Well, it’s been yet another strange Christmas Season, full of not knowing whether to hug your bestie for the Christmas Gift or simply give her an awkward socially distanced “thank you”, eating your long awaited turkey dinner in your bedroom after a positive covid test, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year half asleep from your sofa, wondering if we’ll ever go back to the days of rocking your brightest sequin to spend the night trying not to lose your friends in the packed pubs. But one thing has stayed the same, we’ve spent that past week eating our weight in chocolate and leftover turkey sandwiches and have been living in our most stretchy leggings. But with December well and truly behind us I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the days of leggings and oversized sweatshirts coming to an end. Yep, it’s time to face the daunting prospect of getting back into our jeans!


                                          Dr Denim Nora Jeans in Black

One of the most difficult things when it came to the opening up of restrictions over the summer was the idea of having to wear actual clothes again, skinny jeans we’re looking at you here! I for one really got a bit too used to wearing leggings and joggers every day and didn’t quite know what to do with myself when this luxury came to an end. But let’s give jeans a chance here, they’ve got a bit of a bad rep for being uncomfortable, and this isn’t always true. With the rise in popularity of a more relaxed fit in the past few years there are so many jeans styles that are super comfortable. And let me tell you, when you’re wearing the right pair of jeans they really do become a wardrobe staple. But how can we ensure that the jeans we’re wearing are the right jeans?


                                              Dr. Denim Echo Straight Cut Jeans

Firstly, I think everyone knows that the fit of jeans at the waist is one of the most popular aspects. If the jeans are too big at the waist then not only will they feel non-secure and as if you have to keep pulling them up throughout the day, but they can actually seem as if they’re hiding the shape and will look bulky on the figure. On the other side, everyone knows just how uncomfortable it is to wear jeans that are too tight on the waist! The right jeans should be secure around the waist while also giving you room to breathe. It’s also important here to remember to give enough room for the hips, to avoid lines from the hips to the crotch, this is often caused by the material stretching in jeans that don’t fit correctly over the hips.


                                              Glamorous Light Denim Stonewash Jeans

The leg length is another super important aspect that can completely change how your jeans look on you, but this can depend on the style of jeans. A skinny jean should end just at your ankle bone, to avoid extra material gathering at your ankle. A wider leg jean often looks better a little bit longer than a skinny jean as this has a lengthening effect on the legs and it’s less likely with these styles that the material will bunch up as they tend to fall over the top of the shoe, rather than the top of the show covering the bottom of the jeans as they would when paired with a skinny jean.


                                             Dr. Denim Plenty Black Skinny Fit Jeans

Jeans can often be a clothing option to help you feel your most confident, and it can often depend on the rise of the jeans and the effect that this has on your body.With the return of Y2K fashion last year we’ve all been living in fear of the return of low rise jeans, but this style can often be a great option if you’re looking to show off your hips! A mid rise style looks amazing on almost everyone and is usually our go to as it can often add definition and structure to the mid section and stomach. My all time favourite has to be a classic high waisted jean. This will really draw attention to your waistline and further define it, but it’s important here that the waist of the jeans come to your own natural waist to really rock this look!


                                               Only Medium Blue Denim Mom High Waist Jean

GTT’s Anne is a big believer that there’s a jean for every occasion, and for every body type. And believe me when I say that once you find the correct style for your body shape you won’t look back. Take it from a pear shaped gal that only recently ended her years long love affair with skinny jeans and branched out into a mom jean style over the summer! The right jeans style will really put an emphasis on the best parts of your body for a super flattering effect. I could honestly talk about this for hours and if you want to find out what jeans will suit your body shape you can find out more about it here…I promise you won’t regret it!

Confession time: Until our very own fashion encyclopedia, Tina, started in GTT in 2021 I had no idea that the wash of a jean can actually change how they look on the body! Jeans that are more faded in the middle of the leg can make the legs seem slimmer and longer, the fading here is almost the same effect that a highlight and contour will have on your face by drawing the eye to this part of the leg, which is why people tend to avoid fading on the bum or thigh area as this will draw the eye to the biggest part of the leg. The best jeans will be faded from the knees down.


                                 Only Dark Blue High Waist Flared Denim Jeans

Looking for jeans that will look amazing from the back? There are so many ways of doing this! If you’re looking to downplay this are it’s great to go for pockets that are as simple as possible, so avoiding embroidery and pockets with flaps or buttons. On the other hand, you can counteract this by choosing jeans with embellishments on the back pockets to add volume to this area, this is our favourite way to cheat the perfect bum! In addition to this, jeans with a curved stitching above the bum can usually add definition to give you the look of a perfect peach while small, high pockets will draw the eye upwards and inwards to add shape to this area.


                                                                              Dr. Denim Moxy Pyke Blue Raw Jeans

Finally, the material makes all the difference. While we may be tempted to go for a jean that contains elastane for maximum comfort due to that little bit of stretch in the fabric, jeans without elastane and a stiffer fabric will often pull you in more and add more definition to the body.


                              Dr Denim Nora Light Retro Blue Jeans


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