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Posted by Kayleigh on 23rd Aug 2022

We're Autumn Girls, And These Are The Pieces We Find Ourselves Gravitating Towards Every Year

Ladies, I'll be real here and tell you that I've tried to put off writing this blog for the past few weeks, but I'm afraid I can't wait any longer. I'd be lying if I told you that my favourite day of the year isn't the day that our first Autumn styles arrive in, after last week's heatwave I was the first one to admit on Monday morning "Girls, I'm ready for Autumn" and although I was met with a few eye rolls and a "Kayleigh, you're always ready for Autumn" from across the office, by the end of the day I had dragged my co-workers along with me on my one woman crusade against summer clothes. As must as we've loved the past few months of all the bright colours and florals, we're more than ready to dive headfirst into all things Autumn fashion! Bring on the chunky knits!

While this can be one of our favourite times of the year, it's not without it's difficulties, as we navigate changes in the weather (I'm definitely not ready to relive the whole "shivering in the mornings but sweating by mid afternoon" fiasco that we've suffered in years passed). For this reason, we've found our transitional wardrobe almost as important to us as our more seasonal wardrobes, and here are some of the pieces that I know I'll be wearing a lot in the next few weeks!

When it comes to layering at any time of year, cardigans are our go to, however as soon as August hits, we find ourselves swapping out our fitted fine knit styles for a more relaxed chunky knit style with major comfort points. We find these styles comfortable and relaxed, while pulling together an outfit perfectly, allowing us to layer without a jacket. 

This is also such a versatile option that looks just as good layered over a day dress as it does with jeans and a lightweight top. If there's one thing in our Autumn/Winter Wardrobe that will help us achieve that dream cost per wear it will be a cardigan!


Every Autumn the same conversation seems to circulate around our office: "I think I might wear my boots tomorrow...." "Are you? Already? Don't say that, it's too soon" (riveting stuff, girls!) because is there anything that screams Autumn more than the day we officially decide to swap out our trainers for boots! 

This is another perfect transitional piece as we often find ourselves rocking ankle boots with bare legs and a day dress throughout August and Early September before re-introducing our beloved tights and boots pairing as the weather turns colder.


As much as we love them throughout Spring and Summer, florals aren't just for the warmer seasons (Groundbreaking, I know!) We've been loving seeing florals in a warmer Autumn palette with plenty of rich reds, oranges, and brown tones to really add a fresh feel to your Autumn Wardrobe as well as bring that little element of interest to the darker tones that we begin to see around this time of year!                    


Another piece that makes a major difference is the jacket that you pair with your outfit. Somewhere in the midst of swapping out our barbie pink lippie for a darker toned nude and switching our morning iced coffee for something loaded in chocolate and cream, we begin to ditch our summer denim jackets for a more Autumnal leather or suede style, usually in a darker colour. 

However, for day to day wear in the middle of August this can feel to stark or dramatic for some people. Enter: Shackets! This style has been nothing short of a phenomenon for the past few years and we're SO glad to see that they're sticking around for another season! This finds the perfect middle ground between Summer and Autumn, adding a more Autumnal feel than a denim jacket, while still being 100% appropriate for casual wear!

*Also, an honorable mention for blazers, which are one of our favourite ways of layering all year round!


Another piece that can really make a major difference has to be your jeans choice! While it's almost an unspoken rule at this stage that lightwash jeans are for summer, while we relish the excitement of dusting off our leather leggings again for the first time in October, when it comes to the "in between" weeks, a dark wash jean is the perfect option. As it has a dressier feel than our summery light wash jeans, while it doesn't have the drama or edge of our beloved leathers!

Also, close your eyes Gen Z, but we still love a skinny jean when you want to add a more dressy feel to your jeans, making this pair the perfect option for casual Fridays in the office!



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