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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Jul 2022

We Work in Fashion, and These Are Our Go-To Outfits for Work!

In Need of Some Outfit Inspo? Take Your Pick! 

The GTT Team are similar in a lot of ways. We binge watch the same shows, love a good throwback playlist and often find ourselves arguing over the same chocolate bars when the "3pm Slump" hits and we're in desperate need of some sugar. However, one thing that varies majorly is our style. Walk into our office on any given day and you're bound to find at least 7 different aesthetics. To put it lightly, our pinterest vision boards are a hot mess! But this often means that when we're feeling like we're in a bit of a rut when it comes to our style, the inspiration from the rest of the team is endless! Here are some of our go-to looks for our average work day!

When I asked Maria, who works in marketing, the answer was easy: A day dress, tights, and docs (Maria's Dr Marten boot collection is way beyond impressive!) She thought about this for a second before admitting "I won't lie to myself, I am that basic". The good old day dress can often be seen as basic, for the simple reason that it just works! This is the perfect option if you're looking to dress up, without going through the effort with tan. This is also SUCH a versatile option that can be worn in the summer with trainers or in the winter with tights and boots, and has saved us from many last minute nights out by throwing on our favourite heels! If there's one thing in our wardrobe with the lowest possible cost per wear, it's a day dress!


When Angeline started working with us, it wasn't long before she officially cemented her place as the queen of blazers. While we tend to stick to our safe, neutral colours, Angeline has a blazer in almost every colour, and isn't afraid to show them off! Her go-to outfit for work is a blazer layered over a mini dress or jeans. This is one of our favourite ways of adding a dressy feel to a more casual outfit to make it perfect for the office. This is also one of our foolproof ways of layering without a cardigan, again adding a more put-together feel to our work outfits!


Yvonne's aesthetic is a little bit more difficult to pin down. While the girl loves a sweatshirt and leggings, she also rocks a shacket better than anyone. Whether it's used to add a more edgy feel to a mini dress, or used to dress up a more casual outfits (Yvonne is known to hear her blazers and shackets over a hoodie or sweatshirt and it always looks amazing!), this one is a real wardrobe staple!


For anybody that's followed us for a few years, it's no secret that our Erin is a fan of anything girly. One of her go-to outfits is a pair of skinny jeans and a floral top, for the perfect summery and casual, yet still professional look. As much as we love our relaxed fit jeans, and still wear them to work, there's something so dressy about a pair of skinny jeans that leaves you still feeling comfortable yet still professional. When it comes to tops, it's simple: Something with a ditsy floral print (to the point where when a floral top arrives in with us our immediate thought is to show Erin) , preferably a pastel colour, and maybe a square or milkmaid neckline. This is one of our favourite styles during the summer months as it reveals the collarbones in the most flattering way, while offering more comfort and support than a v-neck!


I'm another major fan of day dresses and while I love a good floral print, there's just something about an LBD! This style is a little bit of a cliche, but again for good reason: the simple fact that it never seems to fail! A clean cut style like this one from Ivy Lane paired with tights and ballet flats (After a lengthy discussion, it's been officially decided that I simple don't have a Dr. Martens kind of energy) is one of my favourite ways of dressing up for work!


Tina looks after our Ivy Lane brand, so of course it's no surprise that the woman LOVES a midi dress! Tina is a master of re-wearing her favourite occasion dresses under a knit jumper in the winter to make it the perfect work dress. However, in the summer months she swaps out her jumpers for a denim jacket, a brightly coloured midi dress, and always a somehow flawless tan! While a lot of these dresses can be quite formal, a denim jacket immediately adds a more relaxed, casual feel that's perfect for summer. This is another great way to ensure that you get plenty of wear out of your dresses!



One of the essentials in Carmel's work wardrobe has to be a shirt dress. And honestly, we don't blame her! Not only is this style super comfortable and flattering (we love a good tied waistline to define the waist!) but we've often found it to be a super easy style to throw on when we're feeling a bit rubbish and immediately want to feel better! I really do feel that this should be a part of everybody's work wardrobe!


Meggie's go to just so happens to be a skirt, either a mini style with tights, or a midi style, but always with a flattering high waisted style with a cropped t-shirt or cardigan. This is a great way to flatter your natural silhouette without a figure hugging style. Again, a skirt like this style is another super versatile style that can be dressed up with a fitted bodysuit or dressed down with a jumper or cardigan for a more casual feel!


When I asked Chelsea what her go-to work outfit is, the rest of the team answered for her before she could even think about her answer. Because that's just how iconic Chelsea's wide trousers are! While the rest of our our dedicated to our dresses and feminine florals, Chelsea gives us Boss Babe vibes at every opportunity with a pair of wide legged trousers that never fail to flatter the legs by giving them an elongated effect as well as being super slimming. When it comes to tops she prefers to go for something simple with a slogan t-shirt or knit jumper. The casual feel of the top paired with the dressy feel of the trousers really adds an element of interest to the outfit that we're obsessed with!



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