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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Dec 2021

We Go Together Like Jeans And Trainers!

Tea and Toast, Wine and Chocolate (some of you may prefer cheese, but let's be honest here is there anything better than wine and cold chocolate? Amazing!),  Hot fudge brownies and Ice cream. It seems that all of our favourite comforts go hand in hand, and jeans and trainers are really no different! This is our go-to, a little bit dressier than leggings and trainers, and more casual than dresses and boots, it really is the perfect in between! But when there are so many options with all of the different iconic styles it can be difficult to know what trainers go with which jeans! 

We've been loving our chunky trainers in the past few years, and don't see this trend going anywhere soon! This pair from Vero Moda is one of our current favourites. The chunky trainer can be difficult to style, as a jean that's too skinny can create a strange change in volume, from the skinny leg directly that takes volume away from the body, to a chunky shoe that adds volume. In contrast to this when a wide, long leg is paired with these trainers then the trainers can interrupt the lines of the material and make the outfit seem as if it hasn't been thought through. It's always a great idea here to pair these trainers with a cropped jean to avoid this. The cropped leg stops the silhouette of the jeans being interrupted by the chunky shoes while the wider style creates a great balance of volume throughout the bottom half of the body.



White canvas trainers are always a super easy pair to style, and we love them with wide legged jeans! These jeans are often a slimmer style than the chunky trainer, and are usually quite simple and understated meaning that you can really allow the jeans to be the talking point of this outfit!



Looking for something a little bit more old fashioned and retro? Girl we've got you covered! We love the 90's feel of these trainers with mom jeans! I fully believe that most trainers will go with mom jeans due to their in-between straight legged style that's not to skinny or not to wide fitting that can be styled so easily! The light wash of this jean really brings home this 90's vibe!



Skinny jeans are such a simple style that we love seeing paired with a statement shoe, just like these trainers from Only! The light grey colour of these trainers are a nice change from the classic white style, and the rose gold foil detail at the back brings the perfect amount of glitz to really dress up any outfit! We love the dark wash of these jeans from Dr.Denim as a more dressy alternative to a light blue jean while still being a little bit more casual than a black jean. In addition to this we can confirm that they just so happen to be the most comfortable jean can thank us later!




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