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Posted by Kayleigh on 5th Dec 2021

We Couldn’t Help But Wonder, Could These Sex And The City Inspired Fits Be Any More Perfect?

This is not a drill, Sex And The City  back! Although the reboot is missing one of our favourite characters (can confirm, we’ve taken on the all important task of conducting a poll around the office) we've been counting down the days. From everything the show has to offer, the one thing that still gets us talking (Again, can confirm, many lunchtime discussions have been centred around the most iconic style moments) is just which character had the best style?

Carrie Bradshaw was the original style icon, and for good reason (Dior newspaper dress anyone?) Our main gal was never afraid to take a risk when it came to fashion, was the queen of wearing any outfit with style (even when she was fashion roadkill), and was the blueprint for shoe lovers everywhere! Firstly, when it came to clothes it’s clear to see that Carrie was a lover of exaggerated silhouettes, just life this dress from Ivy Lane, from that tutu from the title sequence to the stunningly dramatic skater dresses that she wore throughout the show, to her Vera Wang wedding dress.. She was also a women after our own hearts and was a huge fan of the belted waist, one of our favourite styles to create an hourglass figure! But let’s be honest here, the first thing you think of when it comes to Carrie Bradshaw is her more than impressive shoe collection…$40,000 to be exact! She was a fan of pairing statement heels with simple dresses, and although these heels aren’t as iconic as her Manolos you can channel your inner Carrie by rocking them (we promise you won’t get broken up with on a post it note!)




Miranda Hobbs was WAY ahead of her time in more ways than one! This lawyer paved the way for boss babes everywhere and her chilled style is super up-to-date with current trends almost 20 years later. In the early seasons, she was all about oversized, comfortable clothing (ie. those denim dungarees, you know exactly which ones we’re talking about), while in later seasons she was a lover of printed dresses and blazers for the ultimate power move! She was never afraid to add a touch of masculinity to her outfits, even going as far as to wear a suit and tie (and looking amazing while doing it!) Can't you just imagine her wearing this blazer to brunch?


Although her style was often overlooked, Charlotte York has to be one of my many fashion heroes. The Park Avenue Princess always kept her style chic and classic. She was a big lover of a tailored style and clean silhouettes and although her understated style was often overlooked for the more dramatic fashion moments (*Cough* Samantha’s blue sequin crop top and matching trousers *cough*) but I can’t help but love her feminine, preppy vibe! How amazing would she look in this white midi dress?


Samantha Jones is missing from the upcoming reboot, and we already know we’ll miss her maximalist style! This character was the queen of statement pieces, with the bright colours, revealing cuts and bold prints often turning heads. Her exaggerated style played with fun prints and textures and truly taught us the importance of wearing what you want and owning it, and of telling yourself that no matter your age “I will rock this dress”. We can completely see her wearing this one with the total confidence that only comes to us after a few cosmos! Wear this dress, stand in front of a mirror, say "Hello, my name is Fabulous" and try to not feel like an absolute queen. I bet you won't be able to do it!



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