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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Jul 2022

#Trending: Dopamine Dressing And Why Should Absolutely Be Reaching For That Red Dress No Matter the Season

The GTT girls are creatures of comfort, we all love a bit of routine. We take great comfort in knowing that Friday is cheat day (donuts for breakfast and a huge helping of pasta for lunch anyone?), we come in the door every morning and head straight to the kitchen for our coffee without even thinking about it, and we look forward to changing out our wardrobes to suit the season because every year it’s the same: pastel colours, florals, and sandals for Spring/Summer and rich earthy tones, animal print (I can’t explain this one, but animal print is just essentially Autumn. Try and tell me I’m wrong) and our favourite boots in Autumn. So imagine our confusion and, to be completely honest outrage when we found out that everything we knew before had been a lie, and that one of the most popular trends last Autumn/Winter would in fact be wearing bright colours head to toe! Even crazier, this new trend was not only influenced by fashion, but by science? This trend has stuck with us through last Autumn and Winter, as well as this Spring/Summer. Through many confusing months of ever changing trends (I don't care what Bella Hadid says, low rise jeans are not making a comeback), one thing remains true. Whether you're calling it Dopamine Dressing, Chaos Couture, or Barbie-Core, colours are here to stay! And here's why it may be one of our favourite current trends:

After what felt like a lifetime of lockdown, we’re finally gaining even the tiniest bit of a social life back. And we all know what this means: new outfits! We spent months of 2020 in mostly pyjamas and loungewear and were SO excited at the prospect of fashion and everything it represents. This new love for fashion and hope for the future has manifested itself into the trend of “dopamine dressing”, some of the more constricting fashion rules are going out the window and there is a rise in the popularity of just wearing what you want and what makes you happy (as long as it's not low rise jeans, sorry!) For most people this will be wearing brighter colours.

While we associate so many colours with negative emotions (blue for sadness, red for anger, green for envy to name a few), positive emotions like happiness can be harder to pin down, as it will usually depend on the wearer. One of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe is a fluffy blue cardigan that always makes me feel that little bit more confident, but for others this could be a red top, a yellow dress, or some statement pink heels. When you wear these colours that you associate with happiness, your body will produce dopamine, which our nervous system will send to our nerve cells. When created in large amounts this will result in improved motivation, memory and attention. Most people will have a colour that they love and feel a bit more confident. It’s a well known fact that GTT’S Erin is a fan of anything pink, while our very own Gina can rock a red dress better than anyone. But how can we pull off this trend without the exaggerated head to toe emerald green looks that we’ve been seeing on the runways?

This dress was the first thing that came to mind when writing this blog, and is the perfect one if you want to stand out from the crowd! After the return of Y2K Fashion, the endless pictures of Margot Robbie filming the new Barbie movie, and the Valentino A/W show, we've rediscovered our love for hot pink. (Side note, I interrupted a meeting to inform Erin that pink is having a moment and can confirm that we are VERY excited!) So of course we had to combine our new favourite colour with our old favourite style! We've made no secret of the fact that we LOVE a waist defnining, bust lifting, universally flattering wrap dress!                           


Ready to make them green with envy? This Jumpsuit is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd! The wide leg never fails to flatter the legs with an elongating, slimming effect, while the belted waistline adds shape and definition that we love! Plus, how beautiful is that wrap over back detail? This is a surefire way to turn some heads this summer!                                


These trousers are another staff favourite, and are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement! The high waisted style is elongating on the legs and highlights the waistine, while the tailored feel allows you go give off the best "Boss Babe" vibes while still adding a little bit of fun to your outfit. Commit to the cause with a matching blazer or go for a neutral bodysuit for a streamlined feel to allow the trousers to be the main talking point of the outfit!                             


Can’t decide on just one colour? We got you! This colour block knit jumper combines our favourite things about Summer and Autumn and would be perfect paired with jeans and your favourite trainers for the ultimate weekend outfit to leave you looking and feeling amazing! This one is the ideal way to start gently introducing Autumn back into your wardrobe!                            


Red girls, we know you’re out there, and we know that you’re going to love this one! This occasion dress is a surefire way to turn heads! We love the ultra flattering square neckline to show off the collarbones while offering more support and comfort than a v neckline, while the tiered effect at the waist draws the eye to the waistline while covering the tummy in the most flattering way!  



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