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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th Sep 2021

#Trending: Celebrity Trends That Are Giving Us Major Style Envy!

It’s official, Y2K fashion is well and truly on the way back…and it’s bringing baggy jeans with it! Skinny jeans are no longer one of our style staples and are beginning to be swapped out with a looser fit. Celebrities everywhere from Emily Ratajowski to Rihanna to Reese Witherspoon (basically all of our girl crushes pretty much) have been spotted rocking baggy jeans, whether it’s a relaxed mom fit, or a casual pair of flares which are bang on trend right now! We love this look paired with a tighter fitting top to add a feminine feel to the outfit!


Although we've finally began to accept that we will never be Rihanna, we'll take what we get and gather some style inspo from one of our favourite celebs! These JDY Jeans would be ideal to pull of this off-duty look!


It seems that all of the current Cool Girls™ from Olivia Rodrigo to Ariana Grande have been rocking platform sandals, to the point that they’ve been coined the official shoes of Hot Girl Summer (there is no higher honour, really!) but we don’t see them going anywhere soon and can see them making their way into our Autumn Winter wardrobe this year! This style adds an on-trend feel to any outfit, as well as giving you that bit of extra height that we all need without the discomfort and let’s face it, stress of wearing heels!


Still don't think you can commit to the trend quite enough to pull off Olivia Rodrigo's leather look with the above platforms? Us neither! What is it about this girl that's so damn cool? And where were these trends when we were 18? You can take the first step with these casual platform sandals!


Blazers had a real moment this Summer and we’re so glad to see that they’re staying for Winter! However, we’re seeing a lot more oversized, boxy fit blazers filling our social media feeds, being worn by Jennifer Lopez (what is it about JLO that makes us want to copy everything she does?) and Bella Hadid. It’s super easy to add a more feminine feel to this one, by pairing with a bodycon dress for a balanced look. This blazer from Sister's Point would be ideal for JLO's boss babe look. You know, just in somebody out there wants to reacreate it...It's me. I'm the somebody that wants to recreate it.



It seems that leathers make the comeback of the year every year, and 2021 is no different, but they’re back with a twist this time! While other years saw our wardrobes being taken over by leather look leggings and skinny fit jeans, this year we’ve been seeing the introduction of a looser style, the same as we’ve been seeing with our jeans. We’re hoping that if we pull these cropped trousers from Noisy May off we’ll look as cool as Billie Eilish in her edgy 'fit but let’s face it, we probably won’t!



It seemed that everywhere we looked last year people were rocking sweater vests, and they seem to be back with a bang this year, according to Jennifer Aniston’s 70’s inspired outfit on the InStyle September cover (brb currently printing out a poster sized copy of this picture to tape to my wardrobe door as outfit inspo!) However, it can be difficult to rock this trend while also making it look cool and trendy, but we love a sweater vest paired with high waisted jeans to add a casual relaxed feel. This sweater vest from Only would be perfect for the 70's trend that's huge right now!



Cutout tops have been everywhere in the past few months, but we’re been obsessed with this ‘fit from Bella Hadid! The cutouts give the outfit a flirty vibe and we can’t help but love these tops styled with jeans for the perfect “jeans and a nice top” outfit! This Khaki bodysuit from Motel Rocks would be the perfect way to wear this one well into the Autumn!



All we've been talking about this week has been the Met Gala, and we've been well and truly inspired! Watch this space: Kim Kardashian's understated look will be seen everywhere in the next few months, and we've got just the thing to help you achieve this vibe! Just pop some tights over your head and you're Met Gala ready (Kris Jenner, if you're reading this, it's a joke, please don't sue me!)

                              Kim Kardashian Met Gala 21 | NewsBreak




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