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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Feb 2022

This Just In: Ultra-Luxe Fashion Doesn't Have To Break The Bank!

The 2020 lockdown gave us a love for the finer things in life, and this has really branched out into our clothing! Gone are the days of fast fashion and we've began swapping out our more affordable clothing for expensive pieces. Ultra-Luxe fashion is just that: clothing with that little something extra. But did you know that you can acheive the Ultra-Luxe look on a budget?

Whoever knew that buttons had that much of an effect on how our clothes look? Something as simple as swapping out your plastic buttons with a pearl or diamante finish or even a cloth covered button will automatically make your clothes seem endlessly more expensive as well as adding an element of interest to the outfit.


High-low trend was a major trend in the past year and we've seen so many people pairing their more expensive, statement clothing with their favourite budget pieces to create a chic look. Statement pieces usually generally look more expensive, and if you know that you love going for a statement top and will get plenty of wear out of it, you can always splash out on this piece and pair it with more cost friendly pair of €30 jeans!



Cheaper clothing is usually a bit more ill fitting due to the fabrics, while a more expensive material will ensure that that designer dress or those jeans that almost cost you a week's paycheck will fit you like a glove. The secret here is shape wear. The right shape wear will cover any lumps or bumps and ensure that those pesky visible lines from your bra or underwear are no more! Trust me when I say that you'll never look back from this one and the expensive seeming streamlined look that it creates!


While we love our blazers and on-trend puffer coats, having a neutral, timeless jacket that can be worn with a lot of your outfits is the perfect way to add a luxe feel to any look in a super subtle way!


It's a well known fact that accessories can completely change up your outfit, a little bit of gold here will completely elevate your look and leave it feeling that little bit luxurious. You can do this through a gold necklace or an exposed gold zip in such an easy way!




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