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Posted by Kayleigh on 5th Jul 2022

This Just In: Jeans are The New Power Suit (No, Really)!

The GTT Team love a good pair of jeans...light wash, dark wash, skinny, relaxed fit, we don't care! Our very own Anne is not only known to believe that there's a pair of jeans for any occasion (this is the hill she will die on) but is also known to prove it at every possible opportunity. What can we say, the woman loves her skinny jeans! For years, this staple has toed the line between dressy and casual and is one of the most versatile styles that is so easily dressed up or down. To put it simply, jeans are almost like the Meryl Streep of the fashion world (and that's a BIG statement coming from us!) as they really just do it all, and never seem to fail! However, that's not to say that we've never found ourselves wondering if jeans really are okay for work, and are too casual in a world full or trouser suits and day dresses!

Firstly, the main difference here is the style of jeans that you're wearing. While skinny jeans can often be our go-to if we're looking for something professional, they're often not the most comfortable (we're no strangers to the feeling of just having to undo the top button after lunch) it's a good thing here that bootcut jeans are just as flattering and comfortable while also being 100 times more comfortable! The fitted design at the bum and thighs still gives these jeans a more professional structured feel due to that added shape, while the wider bottoms adds that element of comfort. If you want to really dress this style up you can simply pair with heeled boots for a little bit of added height!


It's not just the style that we have to take into account, but the wash can also make a major difference! While we love our light wash jeans over the summer, it's often a better idea to leave this relaxed style for the weekend and stock with a darker wash over the week. A darker colour is often that little bit more formal, even more so when you avoid styles with a fading detail! While we love our black jeans for a super dressy feel, a dark blue colour is also a great option here. A bonus is that a darker wash is often more slimming!


When it comes to tops, it pains us to say that it's often better to go for something a little more conservative or neutral. We're ready to save the cropped styles for nights out and holidays, and the bright florals for our weekend wardrobes (I'm crying as I'm writing this btw!) A style with a higher neckline, block colours and more feminine detailing. While we love our florals, bold colours and prints can often make the outfit feel more casual. If you're looking to add a little more detail and interest to your outfit you can also do this really easily with a textured top just like this one, or a little bit of satin or lace...proof that jeans and a nice top can also be perfect for the office!


In all our years, we've never seen a good old blazer fail anybody. This is one of the many reasons that we're always ready and willing to share our love for the style staple! When in doubt, a blazer can dress up just about anything (Our own Yvonne has often worn her blazers layered over a hoodie, and it always looks amazing!) This style really adds a more formal feel to your jeans to make you zoom meeting ready and often really pulls an outfit together. The one downside is that a blazer can often add a more masculine feel to an outfit, in particular when you're wearing one in a more neutral tan or black (although we've never been known to shy away from a bright pink blazer!) but it's really as simple as pairing it with a satin cami to add a more feminine feel to your can thank us later!


Everybody owns a white button down, and for good reason! This is another style that goes with absolutely everything and can be dressed up or down super easily! Paired with jeans this creates the perfect "minimal effort, maximum impact" look and is known to be one of the easiest styles to throw on in the morning and still look put together and professional. This look is also simple enough to be dressed up with gold jewellery for a chic look to leave all of your co-workers jealous! If you're in a more casual workplace and looking for a more relaxed feel we also love an oversized white button down worn open over a bright coloured cami top. The possibilities are endless, and oh so cute!


Don't be fooled, we're well aware that more often than not we have to be prepared to layer up, even in the summer months (Irish weather problems!) With this in mind, there's an awful lot to be said about jeans and a knit jumper! Sometimes comfort really is key, and it doesn't get much more comfortable than this! We love this look in particular with a finer knit jumper that compliments the figure a little bit more than our beloved chunky knit, and really adds a more luxe, dressy feel to such a casual outfit.



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