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Posted by Kayleigh on 29th Aug 2022

These Two Essentials Are All That You Need For Your 9am-9pm Outfits

I'm going to paint you a picture: Imagine how easy life would be if we had the perfect outfits to bring us from day to night. Say goodbye to the days of turning down after work drinks with your co-workers because the sheer thought of wearing your office clothes out in public makes you break out in hives (not to be dramatic). If there's anything we love it's an outfit that can bring us seamlessly from coffee's to cocktails. And we think we may have got the science behind this down. We've done the maths, crunched some numbers and can confirm* that all you need for the perfect day to night looks are these two essentials!

Firstly, I'm sure you all saw this one coming, but a day dress could be an absolute must have for any wardrobe for this reason and this reason alone (although there are many reasons to rock a day dress)! We've utilised this fashion phenomenon many times, and it's gotten us through many last minute plans! This is one style that toes the line between dressy and casual perfectly as it can be dressed up or dressed down SO easily!



When it comes to dressing day dresses for your 9-5, our go to has always been tights and boots. This is one outfit that has yet to fail us, as it just seems to work every time. Black boots bring the perfect casual feel to our dresses and bring an edge to our most feminine styles to really add an element of interest to our outfits. Not to mention, it doesn't get much more comfortable than this style!



When it comes to dressing up your day dresses, it really can be as simple as swapping out your tights and boots for a pair of heels. Yep, something as simple as this can make all the difference to your outfit! The heel paired with the shorter hemline of a mini dress in particular will naturally have a flattering, elongating effect on the legs. Not to mention, this look will seem super put together and thought out, little do they know that it was a result of 5 minutes spent in the office bathrooms, wrestling with a pair of tights, after everyone else had already gone home!


Our next essential just so happens to be leather look leggings. These become one of our style staples every year, but can you really blame us? They immediately bring an edge to our favourite outfits and are another style that we find ourselves reaching for when it comes to an outfit that we can wear to the office, as well as for date night right after work!



When it comes to dressing our leathers down for a day-to-day look we always tend to go for an knit jumper and trainers. The contrast between the soft knitwear, the casual trainers, and the edge of your leathers really adds an element of interest to the outfit, while the jumper and trainers do a great job of softening the drama of leather leggings to make them more wearable for during the day, as well as creating an Instagram-ready, street style inspired 'fit that we love!




Leathers are also one of our favourite ways to dress up for a night out without the bother of tanning, and are especially useful as we're coming into the colder months! Simply change your knit jumper for a more fitted top and you're good to go! Going for a bodysuit here really creates that ultra flattering streamlined silhouette to create a more simple, toned down look and give you the perfect opportunity to rock those statement shoes if you're looking to really amp up the drama!



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