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Posted by Kayleigh on 27th Aug 2021

The Student Style Staples To Make That 9am Lecture A Little Bit Easier

Students up and down the country are getting ready to go back to college, and have been waiting hard for the days of lectures, student nights out, and living off of ramen noodles and coffee. Lucky you! We joke about it but lets face it, we’re all not so secretly jealous of you living your best carefree life! But whether you’ve just finished your leaving cert and are ready for your first taste of independence or you’re a pro at this whole student thing and have been counting down the days until you can get back to your college life, it can be so hard to know what to pack, especially if you’re moving further away and can’t nip home every weekend for a wardrobe refresh and a few homecooked meals!

Firstly, you can never go too far wrong with a few basic t-shirts! We’re obsessed with this one from Pieces for a comfortable and versatile style. This is a wardrobe staple, where it can be worn with leggings for a totally relaxed look, with jeans for a casual look, or with a skirt for those students that have it all together and come to college every day looking like you just strolled out of our pinterest dreams (seriously, how to you do that? Sincerely, from a girl that struggled to even wake up for her 9am classes)


No college wardrobe is truly complete without a good pair of jeans. These are our go-to for a minimal effort style that’s super casual. It’s so easy to wear casual with an oversized hoodie and trainers as well as pair with a bodysuit and heels for a night out! Anything that could have brought us from the library to the pub across the street in record time is always good in our books!


Take it from us, your mum is right, you will absolutely need a coat! This is yet another essential, whether it’s for walking to college in the pouring rain or simply for sitting in your constantly freezing student accommodation. This is yet another staple piece that will help you find the perfect cross between comfort and style


A day dress is ideal for the girl that loves dressing up and making an impression. It’s another simple and easy style that you can pair with tights and boots for the perfect minimal effort maximum impact look that screams “I have it all together” while inside you’re screaming “I’m going off of two hours sleep and my brain couldn’t function enough to find my jeans, let alone pick the perfect top to pair with them!”


A blazer is a more formal option than a jacket and is always a good choice if you want to make an impression. This can look super cute paired with jeans and boots for that presentation you’ve been dreading, and will also give you that final touch of confidence that you need!


Bad hair days are a fact of life, but that doesn’t make them any easier! Luckily there is a solution:caps! This is the perfect way to style out your bad hair days while still being bang on trend and inspired by that relaxed streetwear style that we’ve been loving so much this summer!


Sweatshirts are one of our all-time favourite Autumn/Winter staples and are a great alternative for casual t-shirts when it comes to colder months. This is yet another staple that gives you the perfect combination between comfort and style. They can be paired with leggings for a relaxed look or with ripped jeans for a more on-trend look. The possibilities are endless and oh so cosy!


You might not think you need joggers but trust me you will! Whether it’s for relaxed weekends catching up on assignments or fending off a hangover (we won’t judge, we’ve all been there) a pair of oversized joggers are about to be your best friend! And the best part? You can totally wear leggings under your joggers for maximum warmth and nobody will know!


Do you have your eye on any of these wardrobe essentials? Don't forget to send us a picture of your student card to avail of our student discount!


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