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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Sep 2021

The Perfect Way To Dress Your Favourite Tops Up Or Down!

“Jeans and a nice top” has become such an iconic saying. It’s our go-to when it comes to a night out, whether it’s a night that you’ve been planning for weeks or a last minute after work drinks on a Friday, and for good reason: it never fails! And the best part? A lot of these tops are super versatile and can be worn dressed up or dressed down super easily. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, girl!

The right pair of jeans can completely change an outfit, this is a well known fact at this stage! When it comes to dressing down our favourite tops, the answer is simple: mom jeans! This relaxed style came back with a bang last summer and has earned a place in our wardrobes. It’s the perfect pick if you’re going for something a bit more relaxed and casual, and is the ideal way to pull off that “I just threw this together” effortlessly cool look. The light wash denim also adds to this laid back vibe making it the perfect pair of jeans for your weekend wardrobe!


Looking for something a little bit dressier? Girl we got you! Leathers are one of our all time favourite wardrobe staples and just as mom jeans never fail to dress your outfit down, leather leggings never fail to dress them up! They add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit, we’re obsessed with them paired with a super feminine lace top to balance this look out perfectly!


The right pair of shoes also make such a difference when it comes to choosing the vibe of your outfit. These trainers are always a great way of making your outfit more casual and perfect for running weekend errands while still looking super cute! We’re loving the rose gold foil detailing at the back of these ones to add a touch of glamour that let’s face it, we all need in order to brighten up our Sundays!


I’m a big believer that you can never go wrong with black heels if you’re looking to dress up an outfit, and this pair would be ideal! Not only to they immediately add a classy touch to dress up any outfit, but the thicker block heel makes for a super comfortable shoe that’s perfect for wearing all night. Say goodbye to the risk of looking like Bambi trying to walk on ice as soon as the first daquiri hits you! The understated colour also means that these shoes will go with almost everything, making them the perfect pair to throw on before leaving as you know it will look amazing with your outfit!


Finally, our mums were right (aren’t they always?), we absolutely do need a jacket! We began stocking these raincoats last year and just knew that we had to bring them back this year! The lightweight feel makes them super comfortable to wear as well as being the perfect coat to throw on with any outfit without the risk of adding extra bulk like a heavier coat would! I can see this mauve one becoming a staple of my day-to-day style in the next few months!


Similar to leather leggings, a leather jacket is the perfect way to add a chic, sophisticated look to your outfit, but I really can see this black suede jacket becoming a night out staple for me this year! It’s just a touch dressier than a leather jacket and can be the perfect solution for the girl who wants to go edgy, but not too edgy!



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