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Posted by Kayleigh on 20th Jan 2022

The Perfect Dresses For Covering Your Tummy!

Ladies, hands up who’s conscious of their tummy, I know I am! This can be such a hurdle when it comes to dressing, especially when you want to dress up while still being comfortable. It can be so difficult to dress up when all you want is to hide behind an oversized hoodie. Luckily, we’ve got some super cute dresses to hide the stomach area while still looking amazing!

Firstly, this mini dress from Ivy Lane is the ideal option if you're looking for a day dress! The tie at the waist pulls in the waistline while the lightweight flowing material of the skirt skims over the stomach and mid section in such a natural way!



A wrap dress is another go-to when it comes to hiding the tummy! We're loving this pink floral number! The button detail at the waistline as well as the v neck draws attention to the waist and the bust, and away from the tummy area which is always a plus! In addition to this, the all over print ensures that the eye isn't drawn to the stomach (we're getting science-y here ladies!) as when a print is strong throughout the dress the eye doesn't know where to focus and bounces around the dress rather than focusing on one area. You're welcome!


Looking to draw attention away from the stomach? Girl sometimes it's really as simple as drawing the attention somewhere else on the body! You can do this super easily with a dress that has more volume in the bottom of the dress to add interest to the legs and draw the eye away from the tummy. This tiered dress from Ivy Lane would do this really well due to the tiered hem, as well as the fact that there are no frills at the stomach which avoids extra volume at this area.


On the hunt for a super flattering occasion dress? Girl, we got you! This floral midi is one of our current faves for so many reasons. The lining under the bust is always a great style to lift the bust, while also nipping the dress at the waist and adding definition here. The fabric of the skims over the stomach in a super flattering, slimming way, covering any lumps or bumps. The slit on the skirt also adds a sultry, flirty vibe to such a simple dress.


Smock dresses are another flattering style if your conscious about your tummy! This is a simple cut that will do a great job of covering the tummy and skimming over any lumps or bumps. The frill at the hem really adds volume to the bottom of the body and is super slimming on the legs, as well as being perfect for balancing out the body to help achieve that hourglass shape. The addition of a belt here will really define the waist as well, this navy floral dress from Only Carmakoma would be perfect!



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