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Posted by Kayleigh on 10th Mar 2022

The Most Flattering Occasion Wear!

Oh the great stuggle of finding flattering occasion wear that makes you feel just as amazing as you look...We know it all too well! As much as we find ourselves giving up entirely on the idea of ever finding a dress that we'll love, there's nothing better than the feeling of knowing just how amazing you look!

This dress almost caused in accident in the GTT Office last week when a certain member of staff (I'll not name and shame here) was walking through the office on a mission and quite literally skidded to a stop when she saw this beauty hanging on our "new in" rail! There's so much that we love about this one, from the colour, to the scalloped edging on the neckline, to that stunning floral embroidery and button down detail. But the best part just so happens to be that the lightweight chiffon fabric hangs from the shoulders and skims over the tummy and mid section in such a subtle way!


We haven't made a secret of the fact that we've been loving bold colours in the past few months, and that doesn't just stop when it comes to occasion wear! In fact, this is one of our favourite ways to turn heads at any occasion, and this dress is no exception! The ever so slightly rounded seam at the waistline accommodates for the stomach and mid section and draws attention away from it, rather than a straight seam that would straight across the tummy otherwise and highlight this area. But it's the sleeves of this one that I fell in love with! The exaggerated shape adds volume to the top of the body while the lace trim adds such an understated, feminine detail!


If you know anything about us, you'll know that we can never resist a wrap dress! This waist enhancing style is universally flattering, making it a must have for occasions! The tie at the waistline draws attention to this area, while also lifting the bust in such a subtle way, while the ruched detailing right below the waistline will hide the stomach and mid section without even seeming like you're trying!


Pleats are having a major moment right now and I for one could not be happier about it, for the simple reason that this dress exists! Firstly, the thick band at the waistline draws the eye to this area, as well as pulling the body in at it's most narrow part, while the lightweight material of the pleated skirt skims over the tummy and hips while avoiding unnecessary volume at this area!


I won't even try to lie about the hold that this dress from closet London has over us! The volume of the skater skirt makes for a universally flattering style that will hide the stomach and hips without even seeming like you're trying, making the waistline look tiny in comparison! And the best part (apart from those beautiful colours and good zip) just has to be the all essential pockets!



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