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Posted by Kayleigh on 26th May 2022

The GTT Team's Favourite Celebrity Style Icons, And How You Can Shop Their Looks!

With over 20 members of the GTT Team, you're bound to walk into our office on any given day to see 20 completely different outfits (Unless a few of us are wearing the same Daisy Street Sweatshirt, which does happen at least once a week) From our favourite leggings and sweatshirts, to jeans and summery tops, to dresses. But one thing we can agree on is the fact that certain people (Blake Lively, we're looking at you here) just somehow always get it right when it comes to fashion! 

From one casual queen to another, Anne is a major lover of Jennifer Aniston's style and honestly, we get it! The actress has very rarely gotten it wrong when it comes to fashion which is a major feat in itself. And when it comes to jeans, nobody wears them better than Jennifer Aniston! She has a way of making classic jeans, white t-shirts and sandals or trainers just work, we think it may have something to do with her love of layering. From blazers, to scarves (I'm totally ready to bring lightweight scarves back as a summer fashion accessory btw, just putting that out there!) to a good old cardigan, she's always ready to use our favourite trick of adding more interest to her casual outfits!




Yvonne's choice is one that I hadn't heard of, but after a good old snoop on her Instagram I'm already obsessed! Camila Coelho is an influencer and entrepreneur that gives us major style envy (while also making us jealous of pretty much everything else about her!) One thing that jumps out about her instagram feed is that the girl loves a bit of colour and is majorly on top of of two of our current favourite trends: Cut Out detailing and bright block colours! Also, a girl after our own hearts, she loves a good co-ord: from suits, to matching athleisure and loungewear sets to her statement swimwear (yes, bikini's count as a co-ord). Plus, not to make any wild statements (I'm lying, I'm always ready to over exaggerate) but if there's one person that will give Rihanna and her pregnancy style a run for her money it's Camila!'


Catherine from our dispatch team is a fan of Amy Huberman's style and we can all relate! Not only is her relaxed style obtainable, but it's totally up our street! At first glance it's clear to see that Amy is a statement dress lover. All the bright colours, loud prints, and exaggerated sleeves please! As well as this, she's a fan of our beloved ultra flattering waist enhancing styles just like this belted mini dress!


You know what they say, "one girl's style icon is another girl's hair icon"...okay that's not what they say, but it's what I said when Angeline pointed out that Michelle Keegan gives her style envy! Michelle's casual style is one that we can definitely get on board with, as she just so happens to be the queen of "jeans and a nice top" and usually tends to go for a neutral skinny jean paired with a statement bright floral top. WE'RE OBSESSED! However, after trawling her instagram feed (it's a tough job but somebody has to do it!) I can't choose which I love more: her casual street style (cosy oversized knits for days please!) or her 60's inspired mini dresses and over the knee boots!




Tina, who looks after our Ivy Lane range, is a fully blown style icon herself so of course we were all rushing to google Queen Letizia of Spain when Tina told us exactly how much she loves her style! Again, here we're seeing plenty of flattering tailored cuts with plenty of waist definition through belts and waistline embellishments, high waisted skirts, and plenty of "2 in 1" dresses with different prints in the top and skirt, just like this Ivy Lane design. Again, a women after our own hearts, she's a lover of soft neutrals and pastel florals as well as lightweight floral skirts to flatter the hips!


For a few weeks throughout January and February, it seemed that all we were able to talk about was Euphoria, and since the end of season 2 we've gone from talking about how much we hate Nate Jacobs (And how much we love Jacob Elordi) to talking about just how obsessed we are with the cast and their style. Case and point: Meggie's current favourite style icon, Sydney Sweeney! While her street style is one that we're already ready to get on board with (we'll be rocking loose fitting jeans and crop tops for the foreseeable!) this girl just so happens to be a pro at dressing to suit her body shape with our beloved square and milkmaid necklines to flatter the bust!


Gina's choice was an easy one, but that doesn't stop us from being any more obsessed with Kate Middleton's style! Similar to Queen Letizia, the Duchess of Cambridge tends to go for tailored cuts that flatter the waist, bit is also known to rock bolder jewel tones better than anybody! But it's often been her casual style that we've found ourselves fawning over! She's proved again and again that comfort is always key with jeans and a fitted knit jumper, or a button down or blazer if she's in the mood to go for a power move!




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