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Posted by Kayleigh on 22nd Oct 2021

The GTT Team's Beauty Must Haves!

A fly on the wall of the GTT office would have some unbelievable stories to tell, from delirious marketing meetings that have us all looking at one another and saying “girls, we’ve gone too far” to childlike excitement at seeing a vision come to life during design meetings, to lunchtime debates over whether trashy Netflix Christmas movies are better than the classics (The Princess Switch would trump It’s A Wonderful Life any day). But it would also be able to tell the stories of the hours upon hours we talk about one of our favourite things: makeup! Whether it’s geeking out over new releases or comparing notes on a cult favourite eyeshadow palette, the conversation around our makeup favourites is almost endless, so we thought we’d include you all in the conversation this week to get a sneak peek into one of the most cherished thing of some of the GTT Girls: our makeup must haves!

When I asked this question in our office earlier, it took our graphic designer Chelsea approximately 0.3 seconds to come up with her answer: the Barry M kohl liner in brown (we’re getting into the specifics here, there are no half measures when it comes to our makeup!) This liner stays all day and is super soft and easy to apply. The brown colour is a lot more natural than a stark, dramatic black liner making it perfect for a soft day to day look, and the best part is that I’m about to let you in on one of Chelsea’s beauty secrets, and the technique behind her effortless fresh faced look: she uses this liner to create faux freckles and finds it the perfect colour and consistency. Just try it girls, you can thank us later!


Meggie who is part of our buying and design team is also our resident skin care queen. However, when she’s not rocking a natural face, she’s wearing the liquid lights blush from Sculpted by Aimee (Get ready to see a whole lot of this brand today!). This gives the cheeks a beautifully natural rosy colour with a hint of a luminious glow to really give you that fresh faced, dewy look. While a powder blush would really give the face a more polished look, a liquid blush like this one is the key ingredient to an effortless, chic, au natural vibe that we’re all striving for!


Another Sculpted product that made the cut is the Tint And Glow which is loved by not one but two of the GTT Team (I tried to make them fight over it but they refused, something about HR guidelines?) Angeline from our buying team who is an expert in all things beauty, as well as Anne the founder of GTT (everyone say thank you, Anne) are both huge lovers of this foundation (don’t tell MAC but I have it on good authority that this one may have just ended Angeline’s years long love affair with their studio fix foundation…shh)It features a super moisturising formula containing hyaluronic acid as well as niacinamide and also gives the skin a stunningly natural dewy look that’s almost sheer and sinks into the skin. Not only that but it passes the ultimate test, which is that it’s quick to apply and stays on long enough to be loved by Anne who is balancing being a working mum, keeping her staff from going rogue-remember those delirious marketing meetings I mentioned earlier?-and casually just running your favourite online clothing store, and still looks flawless by 5pm!


Lisa, our managing director, has had a long standing reputation for being eyebrow goals. We don’t make the rules, the girl may just have the best eyebrows in the office. Her secret just so happens to be the SOSU eye voltage. This eyeliner creates 3D volume and dimension which kept our brows looking presentable throughout lockdown and gave us that HD Brow look that we were missing. The tin tip means that the product is super easy to apply natural hairlike strokes while giving us enough control to make minimum mistakes while the spoolie at the end allows you to blend to perfection. Like a lot of our SOSU products the formula here is a real winner. This one has a soft formula that glides on to leave the brows looking and feeling natural and blends like a dream!


Erin who works in marketing and loves all things girly is a huge fan of the Sculpted Beauty Base. This is a all in one moisturizing primer that leaves your skin looking and feeling unreal. It contains hyaluronic acid (one of our holy grail products) which sinks into the skin to give it a youthful glow. And the best part? It also contains SPF30 for protection against the sun (when it decides to show itself) and is such a versatile product that can be used on it’s own for a naturally glowing look or under foundation to add that little something extra and will take care of your skin!


More of a brow pomade kind of girl? Our photographer Yvonne has been using pomades for years and has recently fallen in love with our bPerfect brow duo. This is a 2in1 product that contains a pomade for a fuller, more dramatic brow as well as a powder for a softer natural brow. And the best part is that this one absolutely does not budge and has been described by the brand as smudge proof, sweat proof, and life proof. So you no longer have to deal with the constant worry that you’ll look in the mirror at the end of the day to find that your perfect brows have smudged so much that they’ve practically become a uni brow. What more could we ask for?


Maria, one of GTT’s resident Cool Girls™ always has the most flawless skin and let me tell you, I would sell my soul to know this girl’s skincare routine. But while she’s not quite ready to share this (nothing that a little bit of peer pressure can’t fix) she has let us in on one of her holy grail products: the Inglot All Covered Foundation! Girls, you would not believe how unreal the coverage in this one is, and it leaves your skin with a radiant glow. Despite the coverage, the formula is surprisingly lightweight and leaves your skin feeling amazing and stays on all day with minimal transfer. But the best part according to Maria isn’t the full coverage, hyrdrating formula. It is in fact the bottle design. Yep, you heard that correctly! The bottle is designed to allow you to clearly see at first glace how much foundation is left in the bottle, so there are no more worries about realising you’ve run out of foundation when you’re rushing to get ready for a night out!


I’ve got a problem, I think I may be addicted to fake tan. In my opinion (it’s the only one that matters, after all!) the dripping gold tan by SOSU is not only a beauty must have, but a must have in my general life, not to be dramatic or anything! This gives a natural glowing colour and is super hydrating due to the magic of hyaluronic acid so you don’t have to worry about patchy tan!



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