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Posted by Kayleigh on 12th Aug 2022

The GTT Team Are Regular Outfit Repeaters...And These Are Our Favourite Hacks!

Who else remembers their young, impressionable minds watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie and hearing that iconic phrase uttered: "Lizzie McGuire, You are an outfit repeater"? The line that made you stop in your tracks and think to yourself "Wait, am I an outfit repeater?" For a lot of people this will have been your first introduction into the world of fashion and clothing being seen as a sign of popularity and something that cements your social status. For so many people at a similar age it was almost like a rule book: if you can afford to have the hotted trends and new styles then you're cool. But if you dare to repeat an outfit? Instant embarrassment! But that just simply can't be the case anymore.

Why is it when someone points out that you wear a certain jumper or pair of jeans quite often you immediately want to go home and burn this item of clothing and never see it again? It only makes sense that if you love these clothes and feel good in them that you'll want to wear them often. And this is also the more sustainable option as instead of  spending money on current trends and feeling the need to have new clothes all the time (only to throw them out in a few months time when they're not on-trend anymore) you're wearing better quality pieces that will last you longer. Still not convinced? Luckily there are so many ways of freshening up your favourite outfits!

It's a well known fact now that accessories can completely change your outfit. Something as simple as adding a jacket or scarf will make your outfit feel fresh and brand new. if you usually wear your favourite day dress with a denim jacket for a relaxed day look, swapping this out for a leather or faux suede jacket like this style will add drama to edge to this dress and make it seem almost unrecognisable!                         


That occasion dress that you wore to a wedding last year? Or that dress you wore on a night out last month and would totally wear again if the neckline wasn't so low? Just pairing a jumper over the top of this will make even the dressiest occasion wear seem perfect for day to day wear. We'll take any chance we can to stop the guilt of looking in your wardrobe and seeing that dress you spend a small fortune on and never wore again!                             


Not to be dramatic (just joking, overdramatic is my natural state) but we're firm believers that a blazer can completely switch up an outfit. That one dress that you wear to work so much that your co-workers have actually been cheeky enough to start teasing you about it? (Don't lie, everyone has one) Simply throwing on a blazer over this will totally elevate your look and leave your co-workers wondering where exactly you pulled this new power outfit from!                             


When it comes to my Autumn wardrobe, knit jumper and jeans are my go to at least 4 days a week, and as much as I love my favourite cosy knits, they can get old fast! A great way of giving this look a refresh is simply layering a white button down shirt underneath it for an on-trend preppy vibe that will bring a real element of interest to the outfit. On another note, sick of pairing your button downs with your favourite jeans? We also love this one worn open over a cami top for a street style inspired 'fit!                                    


I'm about to let you in on one of my most used outfit repeating hacks. It's hardly groundbreaking but believe me when I say that this has given so many of my jeans a new lease on life: pairing your jeans with your favourite mini dress but just tucking the bottom of the dress into your jeans to make a top. Every so often I get tired of wearing my jeans with the same rotation of jumpers and dressy tops, and get just as tired of the same mini dress, tights, and ballet flats outfits that I find myself reaching for most days. Pairing the two together is such a great way to make your go-to jeans a little bit more exciting again, as well as having a major effect on the cost per wear of that dress that you might have only worn a handful of times!       




But the most important thing to remember here: NOBODY will notice that you're wearing the same outfit you wore last week, as they're all too busy wondering if you'll notice that they're wearing the same outfit too. Unless of course, they're an outfit rememberer!


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