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Posted by Kayleigh on 14th Sep 2021

The Brushes You Need For Your New Beauty Routine

It's official, our makeup routines are ready for an update! And with a new makeup routine comes new brushes of course! There's nothing we love more than fresh makeup brushes, and we've been obsessing over these Inglot brushes since they arrived with us a few weeks ago with their super soft feel and beautiful white and rose gold packaging. Here are a few personal favourites that may or may not have already made their way into my handbag (that's a lie, they definitely have)


Lets start with the bases, face brushes! Firstly, the Soft Focus Complexion Brush (number 202), this one is multi use so can be used for bronzer, setting powder and blusher. This means that you get plenty of use out of this brush throughout your makeup routine, and also makes makeup on the go SO much easier meaning that we're finally able to travel light instead of having our makeup bags chocked full of 10 different brushes! 


Next, for finer details, we have the define and glow fan brush (204). This one is one of my favorites for highlight, with the compact size allowing you to have more control when applying your hightlight, meaning you have a subtle, dewy glow in the right places (the cheekbones, cupids bow, and middle of the nose is my current go-to).


Finally, a current favourite of GTT's very own Chelsea (a major fan of the faux freckle trend) is the pointed detailer freckle brush (207) This one is a super precise detailer brush is designed for delicate & detailed application of makup, simply dip into a brown toned eyeshadow or bronzer, apply lightly across the nose and cheeks for a super subtle, fresh faced look, and set with your favourite setting powder and you're good to go! Pro tip: this one is also amazing for applying the perfect wing liner!




Everyone needs a good flat eyeshadow brush, and the detailed skin and eye brush (205) is one of our current faves! It's ideal for applying a base shade all over the lid, while it's also perfect for applying face makeup. We love this one for applying highlight below the brow bone!


The detailer blending brush (208) is ideal for applying darker colours to your crease to add more depth and a bit of colour to your look. It works perfectly to smoke out your eyeshadow as well a lightly smudge it for a super sultry look!


The Inglot Shine & Smoke Bullet Brush (206) is all your need to blend your eyeshadow to perfection! This defined bullet brush is perfect for smoking out your eyeshadow for a sultry vibe, and it also ideal for adding a pop of highlight into your inner corner to brighten your look!



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