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Posted by Kayleigh on 14th Mar 2022

The Best Colours To Wear With Your Skin Tone

Finding your personal style can be so difficult, but half the battle comes when you're wearing clothes that suit your skin tone! The right colours can make such a huge change, and can be the difference between feeling pale and washed out to feeling radiant and better than ever! Something as simple as the colours you're wearing can really make your skin tone pop, but first comes figuring out what your skin tone is!

Our warm toned girls will usually have more of a green tone to their veins and an olive or gold undertone to their skin and find it easy to tan during the summer. 

Earthy colours often look amazing with this skin tone, and you may find yourself leaning towards greens, browns, and dark reds. During the summer, more pink tones of peach and coral as well as gold will really make your skin tone pop!


When it comes to neutrals, it's a great idea to go for cream, beige and mushroom shades that can wash a cooler toned person out, but never fail to look great against warm toned skin!


Another must for warmer skin tones is gold jewellery that will really highlight the gold undertones of your skin in such a lovely way!


Our cool toned girls will have more of a blue shade in their veins, and will more than likely have red or blue undertones to the skin, and these girls will generally find that their skin tends to burn in the sun, rather than tan.

Brighter colours, like emerald greens, deep purples, and pinks, will really pop against cooler skin, and if you're looking for something a little bit warmer toned,  a dark red is always a great go to here, rather than a tomato red that can clash with your skin!


When dealing with neutrals here, it's always a good idea to remember that your skin often happens to be a little bit more pale than a warmer skin tone, so navy is always great to contrast this and make your skin seem brighter, rather than beige colours that may wash us out.


The right jewellery can make or break an outfit, and we're obsessed with silver jewellery on a cool skin girl! This will really pop against your skin, rather than a gold colour that can make you seem more pale than you actually are!


Not sure of your skin tone? There are plenty of colours, from pale pink, to teal, to dark purple that will look amazing with any skin tone!



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