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Posted by Kayleigh on 14th Dec 2021

The Athleisure Styles You Need To Get A Head Start On Those New Years Resolutions

We're well and truly ready for this year to be over, and can't wait for a fresh start in 2022, the main reason being that a lot of the GTT Team have been bitten by the exercise bug this year and can't wait for the longer evenings to be able to get back into our routines from last Summer. Whether it's deciding to finally do that Couch to 5K, or attempting to bribe our bestie into joining the gym with us (I'm currently toying with the idea of leaving printouts of this blog lying about the office to see if this will help convince one of my co-workers), we've been getting a head start on our New Years Resolutions this year and our current athleisure range is making it that little bit easier for us! Here are the styles that you need to hit the ground running on January 1st:

Everyone needs a pair of classic black leggings and we've been loving this pair from Bali, so much so that we've been bulk buying them to wear over Christmas! The high waisted style is super flattering on as it pulls in the body and has a really streamlined look. As well as this the thick waistband makes the leggings non slip, so say goodbye to the days of having to stop mid run to pull up your leggings! And the super soft material is also thick enough to be totally squat proof, what more could you ask for?


More of an outdoorsy girl? We've got you covered and this jacket from Columbia is an absolute bust! It features an Omni-Tech technology that means any precipitation rolls off the material on the outside of the jacket rather than absorbing into the jacket. The water gathering on the outside rather than the inner lining also means that this jacket is super quick drying, so the days of getting caught in a rain shower and spending the rest of your day in damp clothes are over. In addition to this the seam sealing and lightweight fabric of this coat means that not only is it waterproof, but also really breathable and comfortable to wear!


Whoever said that athleisure had to be boring? We've been loving these brighter styles from Bali, just like this lilac one. Is really adds a fun, fresh vibe to your outfit and is the perfect way to brighten up your look. The white contrast details on this one really gives it a bright, summery feel and gives it the perfect amount of detail to finish it off, while the brushed fleece on the inside makes for maximum comfort. Simply pair with your favourite leggings and some white trainers and you're good to go!


It can be so easy to be tired of plain black leggings which is exactly why we've been loving this colour block style from Columbia for a welcome change! It features an Omni-Wick technolgy which draws moisture from the body to the surface of the leggings for quick evaporation, making it the perfect option for warm weather. As well as this the fabric also offers sun protection and the 12% elastane makes for maximum comfort.


Sometimes a cute matching athleisure set is all the motivation we need to make that venture into the gym, and we love that this sports bra from OnlyPlay would go with almost any leggings! The thicker straps of this bra makes for maximum comfort and support while the panel detail at the bust adds to this in a really subtle way, making it such a comfortable style for exercising. I especially love the ribbed material for really pulling in the body and adding definition for a really slimming look!


When it comes to menswear, did you really think we would forget about you! Although we don't have as wide a range of Activewear when it comes to our menswear, we still have loads of perfect styles from Columbia and this Waterproof Jacket is one of our favourites! It features an Omni-Tech technology which is a multi layered technology that ensures all percipitation gathers at the surface of the jacket rather than absorbing into the inner lining, while the lightweight material and underarm venting makes the jacket breathable and allows excess heat and moisture to escape.


As if we could write a blog about Athleisure without including something to wear for a well deserved rest,  day at the weekend, where the closest thing you'll get to counting steps is calculating whether you'll make it to the fridge and back before Netflix finishes loading your next episode, and this taupe hoodie and joggers set from New Era would be ideal! I brought home this style in another colour a few weeks ago and, let me tell you, my weekend really doesn't begin until I swap out my dress and tights for my hoodie and joggers on a Friday evening! The fleece lining and oversized style makes for maximum warmth and comfort making it the perfect weekend uniform for the foreseeable future!



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