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Posted by Kayleigh on 30th Jun 2022

The 10 Clothing Items That Are Guaranteed To Help Reduce Your Cost Per Wear!

It seems that all we've been seeing on our social media recently has been the responsible, minimalistic capsule wardrobes of dreams. And there's one problem that certain members of the GTT Team (fine, it's me, I'm the certain member) have with it: it's that those certain members (again, me) have been known to have little to no self control when it comes to fashion. However, after discussing the pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe, I might just be open to changing my ways

Now you might be asking "what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?" and it's a great question, really! This usually consists of 30-40 items that are easy to mix and match, allowing you to create more outfits. That bright floral flowy top that you absolutely love, but can only be worn with one specific pair of jeans? You might need to part ways with her! But trust me, it will be worth it. The benefits are endless for this one:

Firstly, a capsule wardrobe is a great way to not only save money, as you're spending more money on high quality pieces that are designed to last you years rather than a super cute dress that will no longer be on trend in a few months time, but is also a foolproof way of saving time, as you have loads of ready made outfits in your wardrobe. I don't know about you but I'm ready to kiss the days of sitting on my bed for 10 minutes thinking "I could wear those jeans, but the top that I would usually wear with them is in the wash" goodbye!

In addition to this, It will often also reduce that good old cost per wear (the cost of the item divided by the amount of times that you wear it before finally retiring it) , which is always a plus in our book! 

As I mentioned before, it's a game changer when it comes to the stress of washing...spill coffee on your shirt as you're about to leave the house? No big deal, you've got loads more that will look just as amazing with that new skirt!

 And finally, spending less money on pieces that are bang on trend but might not be as high quality allows you to spend more on styles that have a better quality and will last longer!

The contents of your capsule wardrobe can often change depending on the person. Our stylist Angeline can rock jeans and a blazer better than anyone, while our very own Tina loves a good midi dress and a denim jacket  (could you expect anything different from the lady responsible for the Ivy Lane brand after all?) so of course their wardrobes would look vastly different. Nothing's set in stone here, as it can totally depend on your own personal style and what you feel comfortable in. Love a little bit of leopard print? Of course you can include that in your capsule wardrobe! But here are 10 pieces that we feel are a must have for any wardrobe...

First of all, t-shirts are truly one of the most versatile styles that you can have in your wardrobes and we're guaranteed a good simple t-shirt will go with the majority of your bottoms. Paired with Jeans it will create a simple casual look that's easy to throw on when you're having an "I don't know what to wear and I hate everything I own" kinda day. Paired with a skirt on the other hand will have you rocking a look that's both casual yet put together for a street style look that we're obsessed with! Not only that, but t-shirts are also the perfect option for layering underneath cami dresses for the perfect day to day look! You can't go wrong with a simple cut style like this one in a few different colours to really give you limitless options!


Next Up, can we have a moment to think about cami tops? This style staple has carried our personal style in the past few years, and has been the answer to many fashion emergencies! You feel like your new dress is a little bit too low cut for the office? Wear a cami top under it! Want to get a little bit more wear out of that button down? Wear it open and layered over a cami top! This style not only creates a flattering look when paired with jeans, but the lightweight feel makes it an absolute essential when it comes to layering. Remember what I said about nothing being set in stone? I was wrong, cami tops are a must have for your capsule wardrobe!


The final top that you need to kick off your dream capsule wardrobe is a bodysuit. And this will surprise absolutely nobody! Again, This is yet another perfect option for layering under a button down or cardigan, and created a more flattering, figure hugging, streamlined look than a t-shirt if you're looking for something a little more "dressy". Long story short, bodysuits have been our go-to for last minute plans for years now, and we don't see that changing any time soon!


Speaking of layering, we've made no secret of the fact that blazers are one of our all time favourite ways of doing this! A simple tailored blazer can really go a long way and has proved time and time again that it will never go out of style! It's the perfect way to add a more formal feel to the most simple casual outfits (jeans and blazers will always have a special place in our hearts!) to add a more thought-out, put together feel to your relaxed look! What more could you ask for?


You can also go the opposite way, and opt for a cardigan to add a more casual feel to your favourite dresses. This is another one of our layering essentials and is one of our styles to layer over t-shirts or dresses for a more comfortable and relaxed feel for those off-duty days. There's nothing like a cardigan to prove that comfort really is key!


Our sixth item is technically two items, but it's a necessity! We've made a lot of mention of jeans already in this blog so it doesn't surprise anybody that a pair of jeans in black and another in blue are a major part of our dream capsule wardrobe! Our very own Anne has famously said on many occasions that "there's a pair of jeans for every occasion" and we have to say that we agree! This is another truly versatile style that can be dresses up or dressed down so easily with the right top and shoes! We love blue jeans in particular for a more relaxed feel, and black jeans if you want to dress up that little bit more! When it comes to the fit, we've been loving our loose fit jeans lately, but there's just something about a skinny jean that goes with everything! And this is one style that we can see sticking around for the foreseeable, allowing you to get more opportunities to reduce their cost per wear!



When it comes to leggings, there's really no explanation needed (but that won't stop me from shouting my love for them from the rooftops!) There's nothing more comfortable than a good old pair of leggings, and a simple black pair will go with SO many of the styles that I've already mentioned in this blog! It doesn't get much more off duty than this style and it's definitely one of our go-to looks for relaxed weekends!


Looking to dress up a little bit more? We've got you covered! A midi skirt is yet another super versatile style. This one can be dressed up with a bodysuit for a streamlined, chic look or dressed down with a t-shirt for a more casual, relaxed feel. But one thing stays the same, this simple style always seems to look put together! We've been loving this style in particular paired with a button down shirt to make your capsule wardrobe office ready!


And it doesn't just stop with your clothing! We often don't pay enough attention to our shoes, and the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit! One of our must haves is a pair of white trainers. Trainers paired with jeans and a top are one of our favourite looks for running errands over the weekend, and we're also major fans of trainers and dresses to add a more comfortable casual feel to our favourite girly day dresses!


While we love our trainers and flats, a good pair of heels is another must have! This adds a fun and flirty feel to your most simple capsule wardrobe outfits, and never fails to have an elongating effect on the legs. This immediately dresses up your more casual looks to make them perfect for that last minute night out or dinner with your girls!


Okay, I know I said only 10 styles, but did you really expect me to say to to an LBD? This style just so happens to be the reigning champ of versatility so of course it's a must have for any capsule wardrobe! It's no secret that this style can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a pair of flats or converse, can be paired with a blazer for a "boss babe" look or with a cardigan for total comfort, and worn from day to night no matter what the season! And the MVP of our capsule wardrobes is this dobby style!


Still not convinced? We've got LOADS more styles over on the Capsule Wardrobe Edit on our Website, featuring a few honourable mentions that almost made the cut...Denim jackets and knit dresses anyone?


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