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Posted by Kayleigh on 3rd May 2022

Swimsuits To Flatter Your Body Shape This Summer!

Are you one of the lucky few that have managed to book a holiday this year? If so first of all, we’re SUPER jealous, second of all are you ready to start holiday shopping? After all, you need the perfect wardrobe for your first holiday in 2 years! First on the list is swimwear, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect shape to suit your body and have you looking and, more importantly, feeling better than ever.

If you’re an apple shape you might have a wider bust and shoulders and slim legs, just like Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie. High-legged bikini bottoms are an amazing look for you, perfect to show off those pins! A high waist will also do a great job of covering the stomach, even better if it has ruching or shirring around the stomach and waist as the gathered material hides any bulges and adds definition. As for the top of your body, a low neckline is always fab on bigger bust gals to draw attention to the bust, shoulders and neckline!



If you’ve got the hourglass figure (again, we’re jealous!) you may have a fuller bust and hips with a defined waist, think Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Kim K! A high waist brief will do a great job of lengthening the legs while a crop top style on top will add coverage and extra support! This style of bikini will also really emphasise your waist and show off your curves! An Asymmetric style will draw attention to the neckline, while high waist bottoms and an on trend halter neck top will really highlight your shape. Don’t be afraid to flaunt those curves!


Pair Shaped Girls, we got you too! If you’re this shape you may have fuller hips with a smaller bust and narrow shoulders. I’m this shape myself and find it so hard to find swimwear that fits correctly and I feel confident in! Firstly, a triangle shaped bikini top will create the illusion of curves, while ruffles or embellishment will add volume and balance out the body really well, and a plunging neckline will draw attention upwards and away from the bottom! When it comes to the bottom, we may be tempted to cover up with boyshort style bottoms but this can actually widen the area and flatten the bum. High-legged, high waisted bottoms will really give this area a more lifted, rounded look in the best way!


An athletic “straight” shape will have less curves, like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson or Jennifer Anniston. If you have this shape then swimwear with less coverage will really create curves and a fuller figure, just like the low neckline and cutouts of this Swimsuit. You also have the chance to play around with bold prints and ruffles or embellishments, as these options will all really add a feminine touch as well as create the illusion of curves. If you’re looking for more shape on the bottom, then a smaller style brief with less coverage will do a really great job of helping with this!


But the most important part of choosing your swimwear? Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and confident! Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to have a moment of silence thinking of your favourite GTT gals in their office in rainy Donegal while your sipping your daiquiri by the pool!


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