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Posted by Kayleigh on 26th Apr 2022

Summer Wardrobe, But Make It Work Appropriate!

Summer is well and truly on the way, and we're already planning our wardrobe for this year, but we've been facing one problem. When it comes to our work wardobe, we usually find it super simple when it comes to Autumn/Winter (long sleeves, layering every day and our beloved sweatshirts tend to be the vibe from September-February) However, when it comes to Summer it can be difficult to find summer clothes that are still appropriate for the office. But as a group of girls that will take any excuse to go legs out, we hate to brag (I'm lying, we're super proud of our summer wardrobes and will tell anybody that will listen) but we think we may have perfected the art of making our summer clothes work appropriate! And it would be selfish of us to keep this to ourselves, right?

Firstly, allow me to share a hack that we used years ago as a way to carry my stuff (a digital camera, €10, and the good old Samsung Galaxy touch screen phone in rose gold, the 2012 essentials!)  on a night out at an underage disco without having to carry a handbag, and one that I was honestly shocked (but so excited!) to see the return of. Wearing shorts under our skirts or dresses! With the return of cycle shorts in the past few years, this has become so much easier due to the lightweight fabric and seamless, tighter fit of these styles. This is a great way to rock your favourite mini skirts without being afraid that a gust of wind will come along and give you a not so glam Marilyn Monroe moment, and has got us through plenty of "legs out" days last summer!


Fallen in love with a 90's style cami mini dress? Girl we don't blame you! This is yet another summer wardrobe staple that can often be a little bit too relaxed for work (although we're not ones to talk) and not only that, but the cami straps can often leave you feeling a little bit too exposed, not to mention freezing as that one co-worker insists on keeping every window and door open! The answer? Something as simple as layering a white t-shirt underneath your dress will help you cover up that little bit more to make it both work appropriate and 100% comfortable!



It seems that every time the sun decides to show itself, the same conversation circulates around the GTT Office (I was going to go legs out today, but I wasn't bothered tanning" usually followed by an envious look when someone comes through the door with a flawless tan and the perfect summery skirt to put us all to shame. But the answer in those days, either when you're too lazy to tan or when it just so happens to be a Wednesday and you're trying to hold off until Tanning Thursday, has been trousers. It may almost sound too simple but hear us out! Not only is a trouser more lightweight and comfortable than a pair of jeans, but it can often look more professional than our beloved casual denims! It's as simple as pairing with a lightweight top for a breezy office 'fit to make your co-workers green with envy!


There's an awful lot to be said for a blazer! We've never made any secret of our love for this wardrobe staple, for the simple reason that it has saved us many times last summer when an unexpected (or in most cases, forgotten) zoom meeting came up and we needed to look a little bit more professional quick! Although at the time we were all living in jeans and cami tops, and adding a blazer over the top of this will immediately elevate your look to give you a vibe that screams "I have it all together" while inside you're screaming "Can we wrap this up? I have a Choc Ice in the freezer with my name on it"


Walk into GTT Offices on any guaranteed day over the summer and you're almost guaranteed to find somebody rocking a midi dress with Trainers! This has been one of our go-to styles for years purely because of the relaxed feel that trainers automatically bring. As much as we love our mini dresses, a midi dress is often that little bit more appropriate for work, in particular when you're braving it in bare legs! Not to mention, these styles are typically a little bit flowier than a mini dress and create the perfect lighweight, comfortable feel!




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