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Posted by Kayleigh on 24th Feb 2022

Squatproof Leggings? Say No More!

When Drop Of Mindfulness arrived with us last week, we fell in love with the rich neutral colours as a change from our usual black and navy leggings, so imagine our excitement when it was confirmed that my own personal favourite, these leggings in a chocolate brown were in fact squatproof? Not only this, but the wide waistband pulls in the stomach area making for maximum comfort!


Looking to add a little bit of your personal style into your workout wardrobe? Look no further than this Ivy Green pair from OnlyPlay! The high waisted shape of this pair will draw attention to the waistline and highlight the most narrow part of the body in such a subtle way!


We've been raving about the Bali leggings since they arrived with us last summer, and for good reason! The thick  fabric of this one has a "pull in" effect similar to our favourite shapewear brands while also being 100% squatproof, offering maximum comfort and support. What more could you need for those morning walks?


On the hunt for the basics? We love the Ysabel Mora brand for this exact reason! This brand is committed to providing basics, from leggings to cami tops, that will leave you loving your body as it is rather than focusing on what you need to change to create the "perfect" body. These leggings do this perfectly, creating a subtle push up effect to highlight your curves, all while being totally squat proof!


When the Columbia Brand arrived with us last year, we immediately loved their innovative, functional, and flattering styles, and these leggings are the perfect example of this. The thermal lining of this style is designed to reflect your body heat while Ultra Wicking fabric moves sweat away from the skin.



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