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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th Aug 2021

Show Off Those Pins In The Skort Trend

The revival of Y2K fashion has seen the return of one of our favourite trends, the skort. Some might even say it’s been the best comeback since Westlife’s 20 year reunion (it’s us. We are some people). You might be asking the ultimate question “what exactly is a skort?”, to that we ask you a question in return: Girl where have you been all these years?

The skort is the perfect combination of a skirt and a pair of shorts (hence the super original name), with a flap of fabric at the front to make it look like a skirt while the back still looks like shorts. This is somehow the perfect combination of feminine and classic. And the best part? It allows you to partake in the current mini skirt trend but with added comfort and support. Our excitement at finding a skort is the only feeling to ever rival the joy of finding a dress with pockets (one of the current most used phrases in GTT HQ right now is “cute skirt...Oh my God it’s a skort?!”) so I’m sure you can imagine the excited squeals when we spied these Ivy Lane skorts hitting our shelves a few weeks ago! But how exactly do you style this new trend that’s somehow girly and also chic?


If you’re going for a relaxed look, it’s simple: just pair with one of our other current faves, the graphic t-shirt! This is the perfect way to add a fun touch to your outfit and is the perfect go-to for a relaxed day-look. This is especially flattering with a form fitting, lightweight t-shirt to avoid looking too boxy and instead adds definition to your waist!


For a dressy-casual look it’s as easy as pairing with a flowy blouse tucked into the skort. This is a great place to add a touch of personality with a vibrant colour or bold print, and allow the blouse to be the statement piece in the outfit. This is complemented really nicely with a simple skort in a neutral colour. A lightweight sheer blouse will really show off your figure here, but you always have the option of wearing a cami top under your blouse if you don’t want to show too much skin!


A lot of mini skirts can be quite difficult to wear in the Autumn, but the skort is an exception to this! You can make this piece more suitable for the colder months by pairing with tights and a cosy sweatshirt for a cute, preppy look. Unlike the graphic t-shirt, it’s actually better to pair skorts with an oversized sweatshirt, as this balances out a short, pleated skort.


If you’re planning on wearing a skort for your next night out, we got you girl! We’re loving high waisted skorts paired with crop tops right now! This style on the bottom really hits the most narrow part and a crop top would really complement this to give you that hourglass figure that we love so much! If you don’t want to show too much skin a top that ends just below the top of the skirt is another great option here. We’re obsessed with this ‘fit paired with heels for a super glam look!


One of our biggest worries with skorts (apart from the dreaded embarrassment of unintentionally matching with our co-workers by wearing the same outfit on the same day!) was that we can’t help but think of our school uniform days any time we put on a pleated skirt. This is another easy fix! The skort can be made look super sophisticated and chic by pairing with a simple basic t-shirt and minimalist jewellary for an understated look.



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