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Posted by Kayleigh on 4th Mar 2022

Sequins? For Spring? Grounbreaking. Actually Groundbreaking.

What is it that makes us want to fit fashion into two very specific seasonal boxes? Flowers are for Spring, sequins are for Winter. Pastels and bright colours are for Spring, dark neutrals are for Winter. Denim jackets are for Spring, and leather jackets are for Winter. However, last year saw so many changes in the world of fashion, as style lovers everywhere were more tempted to take risks, let loose and think outside of the box. And one of the easiest ways to show this was through our personal style. This was done during winter through wearing unseasonal brighter colours, and through bigger and brighter sequins making an appearance in party wear. And not only are the bright colours sticking around for spring, but sequins seem to be sticking around as well! Here's how you can wear our favourite sequins well into spring!

You can still get plenty of wear out of a classic old sequin top by pairing it with jeans. However instead of going with our reliable black leathers as we would during the colder months, you can really lighten this up by pairing with some more casual blue jeans!



It goes without saying that it's best to go for something a little bit more simple and basic when pairing sequins with every day wear. When going for sequin trousers for example, it's a great idea to go for something with a little bit less detail on top, to really allow the bottom half of your outfit to be the talking point.



Layering over your sequin dress is the perfect way to make them more wearable, either go for a fine knit jumper to create a more laid back look and add an element of interest to the outfit due to the different textures, or pair with a blazer to bring a more masculine feel to such a feminine style. The choices are endless!





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