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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Jan 2022

Psst, We May Have Just Found Out How To Get Supermodel Style Legs

In my almost 25 years, I've come to terms with a lot of things: I'll never have the patience to get really into Yoga, I'll never be good at maths, and I will absolutely never have Kendall Jenner legs (This last one just so happens to be the one that I've found the most difficult to accept) This has been the thing to stop me from wearing so many cute outfits and I've decided that enough is enough and to delve into a bit of research of my own. Girls, I present to you: Our not so secret guide to get you from 5'3 to Legs Eleven. You can thank us later!

Let’s start from the top, a really simple way of elongating your legs is by shortening your torso, making your legs seem longer in comparison. You can do this really easy with a top that tucks into the front of your jeans. This is even better when paired with a high waisted pair of jeans to really complete the look.



If you’re looking to add a bit of print into your outfit it’s a really great idea to go for something with a vertical stripe. This will draw the eye downwards, elongating your shape in the process.


Are you ready for our favourite trick? It really is as simple as wearing nude shoes if you’re going for bare legs. This creates an optical illusion where you’re almost seeing the shoe and leg as a whole which is sure to make your legs seem miles long. You can also do this by pairing your black jeans with a pair of black heels. It’s always a great idea as well to avoid shoes with ankle straps, as this will cut the leg off at the ankle and make your legs seem shorter.


One piece outfits, such as dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits also do a great job of elongating the body. While separates (such as a top and jeans or top and skirt) will highlight clearly where your torso ends and your legs begin, dresses and jumpsuits will hide this in a really subtle way and create a solid vertical line which will make your legs seem miles long!


Okay, I might be about to offend some people here, so my apologies in advance, but I genuinely think flares elongate your legs rather than making them seem shorter! Hear me out: a lot of flared styles have a longer leg than a skinny jean as they are designed to cover the shoe. So a longer leg jean should really draw the eye down and elongate your legs in the process, right?


Another must is a shorter hemline. A mini skirt is one of the most obvious ways of making your legs seem longer, as well as drawing focus to the already elongated legs



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