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16th Oct 2022

Prepare to See These Styles EVERYWHERE this Season!

A lot of the GTT Girls are Autumn Girls through and through. We find ourselves pulling out favourite styles out of storage every year around this time. However, this year, aside from the usual knits, boots, leathers, and shackets that we can expect from Autumn, we've been seeing plenty of surprising new trends. It seems that this year in particular is one full of unexpected trends...The good, the bad, and the fuchsia pink! Here are some that we've already been seeing dominating our wishlists!

90's Resurgance

When I wrote about this all the way back in July, I noted the return of loads of 90's styles that we had already been seeing returning to our daily lives. However there's one major one that I missed! There's an awful lot to be said about 90's minimalist styles...including the basic of basics, the classic white vest! For YEARS this has been an essential for layering under cardigans and shakets. However, this year we're already seeing them everywhere! Both as a layer, and on their own styled with skirts or jeans for the perfect relaxed look. 

It's no secret that times aren't easy right now, and we find ourselves veering away from statement styles and leaning towards versatile options that will fit right into our capsule wardrobes. And it doesn't get much more versatile than a white vest, that can be worn with a long, flowy skirt when you want to dress up, a shorter style for work, or with jeans for a casual off-duty feel!


We're interested in seeing how this minimalist 90's Vibe will play out this year where the vibe is still very much "more is more"! Just take our next trend as example A!

Think Pink

When we heard about the return of Y2K fashion last year, we thought we knew exactly what to expect: Platform heels, shorter hemlines, and a tiny handbag or two. But little did we know that these styles wouldn't just be returning, but that they would be bringing one of the most popular colours of the 00's with them!

Whether you've been calling it cerise, fuchsia, or hot pink, one thing's for sure: This Barbie inspired hue has been the colour of the season! All we were able to talk about this summer was Valentino's head to toe pink styles in their fashion week shows, but really, can you blame us?

We first started seeing this colour last year as one of the stand out stars of the dopamine dressing trend, and not only did it stick with us through out last winter, as well as the Spring/Summer season that has just passed, but we don't see if going anywhere any time soon!                                 


Tailoring Gone Wild!

It's no secret that blazers seem to come back every year, and it's even less of a secret that this just so happens to be one of our FAVOURITE ways of layering. However, this year we're not only seeing blazers paired with jeans as a way of adding an office ready feel to our Friday Casuals, or with dresses as a way of bringing that masculine element to the most feminine of styles, but we're also seeing them paired with matching trousers to really show them who's boss! 

In the past few years, we've seen a more gender neutral attitude towards high fashion in particular (Harry Styles in that iconic Vogue cover, anybody?) and nothing shows this more than the Ivy Lane Suits that were introduced as part of our Spring/Summer. The flattering cuts and on-trend element of the pops of colour in every suit really add a more modern, feminine feel to such a masculine style. Adding the bolder colours to such a simple style seems to have been a major trend on the runways this season, just like Alexander McQueen's lime green power suit, introduced in the Autumn/Winter 2022 shows.

This has fast become one of our favourite ways of playing with fashion this year. From mixing and matching blazers and trousers, to rocking a bright pink blazer with our LBD, to pairing masculine tailored trousers with an ultra feminine lace top. And we can already see that you'll be seeing lots more tailoring with a twist in the following months! Expect plenty of more oversized styles and of course a little bit of 80's inspired power shoulder!


Show Some Skin

I know there are a few of you that will be cringing at this one, but hear us out! Cut-outs have had a major moment in fashion, and it's expected that this trend will not only be continuing, but we're already seeing a new interpretation of the "flashing skin" trend with a rise in popularity of fitted mesh materials. But believe me when I say that there are SO many more ways of doing this! 

Let's look first at how this trend began towards the middle of 2021. When articles, just like this one from Womankind Worldwide began emerging, outlining the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women in particular, the focus began to shift to how we can ease this pressure. Many icons of the fashion industry began to do this by celebrating women, and this was mostly done through cut-out detailing to celebrate your body and flaunt your curves (as you should!) or through bright colours and bold prints to encourage women to once again have fun with fashion.

Not a fan of gaping waist cutouts? Say no more! Many high street brands took these ideas and ran with them, introducing the cut-out trend with subtle keyhole cutouts at the neckline, a cold shoulder style, or a split leg to make this trend more realistic for day-to-day wear . And we can already see the same happening this year with the mesh trend that is currently dominating the runways. Although some designers are showing their creativity with totally sheer styles, we've been seeing more high end styles with a flattering mesh sleeve or a midi length skirt with a knee-length hemline.



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