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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Feb 2022

Power Dressing-But Make It Cute

If you were to take a little peek into the wardrobes of most of the GTT Team's wardobes you would be sure to find an awful lot of blazers and trouser suits, and honestly we're not even ashamed of it. We're ready to shout to the rooftops all about our love of power dressing. But it can be difficult, as one of the main struggles we have is power dressing, while still keeping our outfits personal and unique and showcasing our obsession with all things feminine and girly. Why is it that power dressing is automatically associated with masculine styles? We're ready to take this trend back with some of these chic styles!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this blush pink blazer and trouser set? As I mentioned before, the style of the blazer is usually quite masculine, while the colour to this adds a sweet, feminine feel to this one. The culotte leg is such a flattering style that it always slimming on the legs, while elongating the frame while the split at the front adds a bit of movement to the outfit and stops it from feeling as if the material in the suit is drowning the body.


When we think of power dressing one of the things we automatically think of it the classic little black dress. This is often such a simple style that toes the line between authoritive and professional, while still being feminine. We love this style once again paired with a lighter coloured blazer and heeled boots for the perfect boss-babe look!


There's an awful lot to be said about a white button down shirt. This has been the go-to for business casual for years and is the perfect way to dress up your power outfit in a super simple way. As much as we love the classic button down, it can often be seen as "boring", but the oversized collar of this one is anything but! This is the perfect way to add a trendy touch to your power outfit as well as that all important element of interest.


As much as we love our blazers, a good coat can be an amazing addition to any power outfit while being a nice change from our beloved blazers. This Coatigan from our curve range would be the ideal option here that will add interest to your outfit through layers, but will also make for maximum comfort. What more could you ask for?


Midi skirts are such a versatile style, and as well as being amazing with a bodysuit or lace top for a night out, they also look just as good paired with a button down or a fine knit jumper for your power outfit. While we usually associate more fitted pencil skirts with the ideal work wardrobe, the more romantic, floaty feel of this satin one brings a more feminine feel to this essential!



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